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Young Gunner’s been around the country rap game for a while, and if somebody thought his best days were behind him, they may want to take a listen to the Georgia rapper’s new free Mix-tape, ‘Full Flip’, a Southern Country Special Edition with DJ Cannon Banyon, the country mix-tape king.

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Download Young Gunner’s Full Clip Mixtape for free

‘Full Clip’ is a 16 track compilation of songs that Gunner and Banyon have made since Young Gunner went solo a while back.  Since then, he’s released the successful ‘Club Mud’ EP featuring “Click Clack”, dropped the single “Understand Me” with Hard Target (which is also on the mix-tape), teamed up with Lenny Cooper for “Duramax” and worked with Cannon Banyon on a whole lot of remixes.  Most of that collaboration with DJ Cannon Banyon is represented on ‘Full Clip’, and it gives his fans a little taste of Gunnermusic until his next big release.

What hits me the hardest about ‘Full Clip’ is the diversity of style on the tape.  Sure, you’ve got the bread and butter straight up Hick Hop songs like “Kick Up Dust” a must listen and “Die A Redneck”, but ‘Full Clip’ isn’t a record full of jacked up truck songs.  Songs like “Breakup In A Small Town” remix, and the DJ Snake remix, a bona fide love song in the vein of LL Cool J’s “I Need Love”, are more traditional hip hp.  A lot of ‘Full Clip gives the listener a better insight to Young Gunner as an artist. Mix-tapes the perfect place to show some range.  On, ‘Full Clip’ Gunner pulls it all off like the seasoned veteran he is.


Young Gunner has stepped up his delivery, and the experience in the game shows in his lyrics.  The verse-writing, and delivery on ‘Full Clip’ show an artist at the top of his game.  I loved his earlier music, but watching him develop into the elite rapper he is today has been fun for me to watch.

I talked about the DJ Snake remix of “You Know You Like It” earlier this week and how it’s become my favorite Young Gunner song, and the track is included on ‘Full Clip’.  This is the best song lyrically, in my opinion, that he’s put out yet

And we’ll be gone

Maybe livin’ in a mansion

Daughter’s so pretty and a son that’s so handsome

And you some damn fine that I gotta keep my hands on

Always in the bedroom getting hot we cut them fans on

The way you walk around buck naked with no pants on

Yelling go DJ you get that sexy dance on

On the mix-tape, you can also get a cool Luke Bryan remix with Lenny Cooper and Young Gunner teaming up again.

On “Heart Of Gold”, gunner teams up with Camo Collins of Southern Country Muzik and puts the smack down on record labels.  Stories that have been repeating since the advent of records, not paying artists, holding them back.  Looks like Young Gunner has no interest in getting involved with one of those big labels, and I can see where he’s coming from.

You can’t talk about a Southern Country Special Edition mix-tape without mentioning DJ Cannon Banyon, who’s known for laying down Southern Country Mix-tapes, and recently released the 5th edition.  He and Young Gunner have been doing a lot of music together lately, and they seem to make a great team.  Banyon puts together some great remix tracks for Gunner on ‘Full Clip’.

‘Full Clip’ contains 16 tracks, 14 songs and some of the best verses I’ve seen Young Gunner write, and heard him deliver.  On the free mix-tape, he adds to his legend as a country rapper and expands his horizons to a new generation of rap aficionados.   You better go download this free mix-tape.




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