World Series Pitcher Brett Myers Turns Musician

10 years after winning the World Series with the Phillies, Brett Myers released his newest single, “Rattlesnake”  with country artist, Colt Ford. 

As a pitcher, Myers admitted he had a lot of down time. He had very little guitar experience until the Phillies team video coordinator showed him the ropes with guitar lessons. And in 2013 when Myers was put on the MLB disabled list, his music journey truly began.

“I really had nothing to do but rehab and sit around the house and watch Netflix all day, ” said Myers. “I started to get serious, I had a lot to think about, I was able to write things down on paper. “

For the next year Myers worked on his writing and his music and eventually caught up with a guy he went to high school with. That guy, a producer, Damien Starkey of Puddle of Mudd.

“I just wanted to write the songs, and have somebody else single them,” said Myers.

After a round of golf Starkey and Myers had worked it out and were on their way to creating some great music. Starkey wanted Myers to sing the songs. 

“I told him hell no, I wasn’t going to do it.” said Myers

Myers just wanted other artists to perform his songs. That was until one night a few drinks in, his producer talked him in to stepping behind the mic. “He tricked me, “ said Myers. 

Slowly and steadily Myers worked up his confidence behind the mic, 6 beers, to 4 beers, to 2 and now he can do it all on his own. 

So how did Brett Myers hookup with Colt? 

“I found this sound called Muddigger” he said. “I thought, this is hilarious, I love this.” 

While the song wasn’t Colt’s, it led him in to a new style of music, which then led him to Colt. Colt was later playing in Jacksonville, near his home in Florida. Once a bar owner he new introduced the two of them it was friendship at first sight. Any time Colt was near where Myers was on the road or at home, he went to his shows and they caught up.  

He had created a friendship with Colt while he was still playing ball. He was respectfully a fan and a friend. 

How did Rattlesnake come about? 

The concept actually came from Myer’s wife. It’s the sound ice makes in a Yeti cup.  

“We were doing the song specifically for Colt to do it,” he said. 

Myers said Colt is a busy man and they have actually been sitting on the song about year. Colt called him up to let him know he was ready to do the song. It wasn’t long after that, the video was born. The rest.. history.

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