Who Are Twang And Round PT2 *La Di Da Di* Video Premieres Tomorrow on HHM

This Kentucky duo has been kickin the beats for a hot minute now. They have a brand new video releasing tomorrow right here on Hick Hop Music, so we’re bringing you part 2 of getting to know Twang and Round with more music questions and these random questions too.

B&B: Do you write your own music?.
Round: Yes. Twang writes most the lyrics and I Write most the instrumentals but sometimes visa versa
Twang: Yes I’ve always written my own music but I’m also an open artist and I’m open to writing with other people as well as performing what other writers have written

B&B: What is on the horizon for your music career?
Round: A brand new album. 13 songs , 13 music videos. A new partnership with Thirteen Skulls Entertainment branding our sound that describes Twang and Round called Ameriflow. That is the genre we are branding. We have also been dabbling into the acting world also. Making an appearance on CMT Still The King, on season 2 episode 6. We was casted into a feature film called Shining Spirit where we played a huge role as rival moonshiners.
Twang: Our new record deal with Thirteen Skulls, new album in March of 2018 and releasing music videos for all 13 tracks on the new album along with the 2018 tour

B&B: If you could collaborate with one artist dead or alive, who would it be?
Round: Dead I’d have to go with Johnny Cash or Nate Dogg and alive I’d roll with Whitey Morgan and the 78’s
Twang: Would love to work with John Fogerty and Kid Rock

B&B: What was your first concert?
Round: Jason Aldean when he played Balloon tunes BBQ in bowling green ky. I think he played that show for 5k. Yep, back in the day before they were stars lol.
Twang: My first concert was Billy Ray Cyrus when it was still an amusement park

B&B: What was your first Tape? and/or CD?
RoundI can’t even remember prob whatever my older sister had 😂 I remember some poison , Bon Jovi ,Michael Jackson , Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince. My dad bumped Merle Haggard and Hank Jr
Twang: Beastie Boys license to ill

Life Is Random, Here are some random questions
B&B: If you could live in any sitcom house past or present which would it be
Round:Eastbound and Down
Twang: Married with Children, The Addams Family

B&B: What is your favorite vacation destination? What is your bucket list vacation destination?
Round: I like the Smokey Mountains and I think going to Ireland would be pretty cool.
Twang: Hawaii, Amsterdam

B&B: If you could have one super power what would it be?
Round: Time Travel for sure!
Twang: Read and control minds

B&B: If time stood still, what decade would you like to live in?
Round: The 70s
Twang: The 60’s and 70’s

B&B: When was your first kiss?
Round: We talking bout momma kisses or chick action? Prob around 14
Twang: 2nd grade

B&B: What was your first car? vs what was your dream car in high school?
Round: 89 Park Avenue vs a 64 impala
Twang: 79 firebird Cadillac 

B&B: What is one fact about you we might not know?
RoundI hate flying
Twang: I’m a comic book pop culture junkie 

B&B: Tell us one thing on our bucket list?
RoundTo kick it with Ice Cube, Danny McBride, Will Ferrell or Seth Rogan.
Twang: To travel and walk and see Jesus birthplace and where he lived and was crucified 


Listen to La Di Da Di on our Top 25 Playlist now

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