Who Are Twang and Round? *La Di Da Di* Video Premieres on HHM Friday

This Kentucky duo has been kickin the beats for a hot minute now. They have a brand new video releasing Friday right here on Hick Hop Music, so today, tomorrow and Friday we’re bringing you back to back Twang and Round. For part 1, that’s today in case you are confused, we’ll find out a little bit about their background.

Tell us about you
HHM: Tell us a little bit about how you got in to music?
Round: I’ve had a hunger for beats since a kid. I’d buy an instrumental before a artist record. I had a cousin name Moonshyne that did hip hop and made beats. So in 1998 I bought MTV Music Generator on PlayStation 1. That turned me into a beat making machine.
Twang: I started singing in church when I was a kid

HHM: Where did you grow up?
Round: I live in Riverside Ky but grew up in Edmonson County.
Twang: I grew up in the community of Delafield in Bowling Green Kentucky

HHM: Tell us a little bit about who inspires you, musically and personally?
Round: musically id have to say Organized Noize , Dr Dre and personally just pretty much everybody
Twang: I grew up in a household filled with many kinds of music. My grandparents were listening to Bluegrass and classic country while my parents were listening to 70’s and 80’s rock. Then I got into Rap and Hop Hop in the 90’s

Check back tomorrow for Random Questions with Twang and Round…

Listen to La Di Da on our HHM Top 25 Spotify Playlist

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