What is Danny Duke’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dessert?

Continuing our talks about the Thanksgiving, we next caught up with Danny Duke.

Hick Hop Music: What is one tradition you have for Thanksgiving
Danny Duke: Breaking the wishbone on the turkey

Hick Hop Music: What is your favorite dish at the Thanksgiving table?
Danny Duke: Fried turkey and gravy

Hick Hop Music:  What is your favorite dish to cook?
Danny Duke: Mashed taters n gravy

Hick Hop Music:  Are you a turkey or ham eater?
Danny Duke: Both

Hick Hop Music:  Does the stuffing belong in the turkey or cooked separately? Is that a special kind of stuffing/dressing you like? ex. sausage, cranberry etc.
Danny Duke:  On the side cus I like it deep fried.

Hick Hop Music: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert
Danny Duke: Homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream

Hick Hop Music:  Where will you be spending Thanksgiving?
Danny Duke: With my family

Hick Hop Music: Name 3 things you are thankful for.
Danny Duke: 1. Grateful my dog Swamper lived thru gettin bit by a water mocassin, 2. Grateful my mom and dad are still here to spend the holidays with me n the family 3. Grateful to be here for my sons, trying to raise them right

Hick Hop Music:  How soon is too soon to start decorating for Christmas?
Danny Duke: I’ve always thought anytime after Thanksgiving was good.


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