Walking in Joe Reese’s Christmas Shoes

Joe Reese? Who is this guy? Check this video out first and then find out what his Christmas Memories are full of.

What is one Christmas tradition you have?
Does having a fight count as a family tradition? It seems to always happen.

Christmas Tree … Do you support Real or Fake?
That is a fantastic question. I don’t have an actual answer. I love both. There is something about waking up and smelling the pine of a real tree in your house….. Then again, NEEDLES. Who wants to clean up all the bloody needles.

Favorite traditional Christmas song?
Carol of the bells is by far my favorite Christmas song, But Christmas Shoes (Imma call that traditional) gets to me every year.

What is your favorite Christmas treat? ex cookies, cakes, fudge, candy canes?
Every year my aunt makes Buckeyes. They are super simple, basically just peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate but they are soooooooo good.

Let’s talk stockings. What was one thing, you always knew would be in your stocking Christmas morning?
You know those Reese’s candy canes with the peanut butter cups inside? Every year, one of my favorite things to find in em.

How would you explain your wrapping skills? Are you a last minute shopper or to you plan all your gifts?
I have the wrapping skills of 5 year old. They always look so bad. You can always tell which ones I did because in the end they have so much tape holding them together that you might as well take a knife to it. As far as shopping, yeah I’m a last minute kinda guy. Even Handz Onn will attest, I’m the worse procrastinator.

What is your favorite holiday album by a group or artist?
Ok, don’t laugh.. but its Home for Christmas by N’sync. Ok, maybe laugh a little bit.

What is your favorite part of Christmas?
As much as I hate snow. I love snow for Christmas. Waking up in the morning. Windows open, hot cup of coffee or cocoa and just watch it fall. Its really peaceful before chaos of the day sets in.

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