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I think Country Rap may have just found our first superstar, and with his latest effort, ‘Heart Of America’, Ryan Upchurch proves that he not only has the social media savvy to make name for himself, but also the talent to take Country Rap to a whole new level

‘Heart Of America’ is a trash talking, mess kicking, hard hitting diary of a hard working country boy that doesn’t need anybody, or anything to succeed.

Upchurch has a hard-hitting, take no prisoners delivery that oozes country boy swagger, and the content of that delivery is, only 2 albums in, one of the best in the game. He’s ferocious and funny, He’s both reflective and off-handed.

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Upchurch’s lyrics are pure blue-collar poetry. His love for trucks is evident throughout ‘Heart Of America’ and he doesn’t concentrate on the paint color, or tire size so much as display his considerable knowledge about the inter-workings of the machine.

What I’m more impressed with than anything else on Upchurch’s Sophomore album, is the artist’s ability to pull off a lot of wordsy bars quickly and make the Tennessean’s appear more a seasoned veteran than a young guy working on his second independent album.

‘Heart Of America’ has some significant features, including Bubba Sparxxx “Keep It Country” and Struggle “Hourglass”. Both songs are really good, but “Keep It Country” has probably become my favorite track on the album

Another theme running through ‘Heart Of America’ is his disdain for the music row machine. A native of the Nashville area, he’s already well aware of the beast that chews artists up and spits them out a polished machine. It’s unmistakable that he has no interest in taking that route.

Ryan Upchurch could have approached his new project a different way. He could have pimped out his social media prowess and pulled plenty of features in to do the heavy lifting on ‘Heart Of America’.

That, however, isn’t how Upchurch does things. He put his heart and soul into ‘Heart Of America”, and the result is a solid sophomore album that exceeds expectations and opens his music to a whole new audience.

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