Unkl Dadi “iTeam”


West Virginia Rapper Unkl Dadi comes hard on his new single “iTeam” and his video is a animation masterpiece showing the “Hip Hopalypse”.

The rapping on “iTeam” is excellent and delivered with a perfect flow that makes Unkl Dadi somebody to watch out for

Not only is Unkl Dadi a dragon on the mic, he’s also a combat veteran that’s seen action in Iraq.  That makes this guy a red-blooded American hero, but Dadi’s not resting on his laurels.  He’s in the lab perfecting his craft, and this song shows the potential this guy has is limitless. The discipline Unkl Dadi learned in the military is evident in the way he approaches this song.  It’s hard, and detailed, and mixed with a great track and a monster beat, “iTeam” is a hit in my book

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