The Lacs Outlaw In Me Review


The Lacs sell more music than almost anyone that’s doing  Country Rap today.  They’ve sold over 500,000 albums, their music’s been downloaded over a million times (paid), and their videos have been viewed around 60 million times.  Their new album, Outlaw In Me, set for a May 26 release date, is a culmination of years of hard work that have brought these “Loud Ass Crackers” from Baxley, Georgia to their new album, which is set to blow the lid off an industry that spends too much time putting artists in boxes, instead of letting them make the art they love.   The Lacs don’t seem to have that problem with their label, Average Joe’s Backwoods Records, and the result is one of the most dynamic album’s I’ve heard in a long time.

I reviewed “God Bless A Country Girl” when it was first released, and still don’t know why country radio isn’t playing it every 3 hours .  The accompanying video with Tiffany Heinen (Party Down South) has already been watched nearly 100,000 times in a week, and they’ve sold, I’m sure, oogles of downloads.  I am not convinced, however, that “God Bless A Country Girl” is the best song on the record.  It’s a great song, but Outlaw In Me is a great album from start to finish.

If you’re looking for something to help get the party started, or just blow out those big ole speakers, “Stomp”, “Make The Rooster Crow”, and “Them Country Boys” are great choices.

“Out Here”, “Feels Good” “Them Country Boys”, and “Outlaw In Me” (Featuring Crucifix)  are as southern rock as anything you’ll here from any group that’s made music since the 1970s, ; “Tonight On Repeat” (Featuring Josh Thompson),  “Worth It”, “Back To Georgia” (Featuring Craig Campbell) and “Might As Well Drunk” are as pure country as anything you’d expect to hear on a 90s country station, except for the rapping, of course.

My favorite songs on Outlaw In Me are, in order

  • “River Life”:  This song is all about living life near the water, with a lot of life lessons intertwined. “River Life” is classic Lacs music.  The fans are going to love this one.
  • “Make The Rooster Crow”:  This one hopping track.  Phivestarr Productions put the mix together, and in my opinion, this needs to be played on the same stations that played that “Turn Down For What” last year. “Rooster” is twice the song “Turn Down” ever was.  This one will be mixed in thousands of clubs this summer, mark my words.
  • “Back To Georgia”: Life on the road is taxing.  This track has Brian and Clay waxing poetic about getting off the road and back to friends and family
  • “Stomp”  This is another upbeat track made for the party.  This will be played in jacked-up trucks and clubs all over rural America for a long time

There isn’t a bad song on Outlaw In Me, and chances are your favorites may be different than mine  It’s good enough to spawn several favorite songs.  The new album drops on May 26th, and I feel this will be essential listening for anyone that loves country rap, and a great introduction to the sound for anyone.  Outlaw In Me is the best album The Lacs have made to date.  It’s a virtual Brunswick stew of country, rap, and rock that’s cooked slowly into something  better than the individual parts.  Don’t just download one or two songs, get the whole album.  Your ears will thank me for it.

Pre-order the new Lacs Album Outlaw In Me on iTunes or Google Play

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