Talking Turkey With Porch Matthews

We caught up with Porch Matthews to talk about Thanksgiving and this is what he had to say.

HHM: What is one Thanksgiving tradition you have?
Porch Matthews: One Thanksgiving tradition I have is falling asleep sitting up on the couch at my wife’s grandparents house after stuffing my face. I try to resist it every year but I’ve learned just to let it happen.

HHM: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
Porch Matthews: My favorite dish is definitely sausage balls.

HHM: What is your favorite dish to cooK?
Porch Matthews: Favorite dish to cook, again sausage balls. It’s about the only thing I have to offer. My wife does all the cooking. Sausage, bisquick, and cheese. Simple.

HHM: : Are you a turkey or a ham kinda guy?
Porch Matthews:Definitely a ham guy. I’ve had to much dried out turkey in the past.

HHM: Stuffing/Dressing… Does it belong in the turkey or on the side?
Porch Matthews: In the turkey, out of the turkey…. either way I’m not eating it lol.

HHM: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?
Porch Matthews: That would have to be banana pudding. If nobody brings it, hopefully there’s some pumpkin pie around.

HHM: Where will you be spending Thanksgiving?
Porch Matthews: Right here in North Ga.

HHM: Name 3 things you are thankful for this year
Porch Matthews: My wife, my kids, and music

HHM: When is too soon do decorate for Christmas?
Porch Matthews: Anytime before thanksgiving is too soon. I can only handle Christmas clutter for so long.

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