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OP ED: By HHM Publisher and Editor Chuck Gooch

I love promoting Country Rap, and writing about new music and videos. I try to do more than just repost the music and videos; I add my thoughts, try to present it in ways that highlight the artists through the online radio station, reviews, and social media posts.

Another media outlet that prides itself on highlighting underground music that you won’t hear on corporate media is Muddy Beatz Magazine.  Run by Benjamin ‘RamRod” Raynor and his wife Ashley, Muddy Beatz is a physical magazine that comes out monthly and focuses on independent artists that are as good as anyone you’ll hear on your over-the-air radio station, but may not have the promotional machine that the big boys have at their disposal.

Muddy Beatz Magazine

Muddy Beatz Magazine

Muddy Beatz covers Country Rap, but their not limited to any genre.  Muddy Beatz boasts that they cover all genres, and one look at their last couple of magazine shows that they do just that.  They cover good music, pure an simple.

Visit Muddy Beatz Magazine Online, or their Facebook Page

Before you ask, “Why are you promoting the competition?”,  let me explain why I think that there’s space for both of us:

There are a lot of “media” outlets taking up the Hick Hop moniker and most of them spend more time promoting themselves than they do the music they’re supposed to be supporting.  It takes no money and about 3 minutes to create a facebook fan page, share everything they see.  Then they spam news feeds taking valuable space from people like myself and Muddy Beatz, who are trying to build a legitimate business, spending our own money on websites, and magazines, and radio stations and more.  I’m not saying the other guys are bad guys, or even what they are doing is wrong, but there should be a clear distinction between a hobby fan page and a website that produces original content that compliments the music.  Doing it right isn’t cheap, and it’s not the easiest way.

There are millions of potential fans of Country Rap, and millions more that would like the kind of music Muddy Beatz promotes.  Yes, there are some overlapping interests where we may compete.  What Muddy Beatz does, however, is different than what we do here, and I think their is room for both of us to thrive.

I can tell that Ramrod and crew at Muddy Beatz are putting a lot of time and their money into their business, and they produce a good product at a great value.  They, like Hick Hop Music, don’t have the backing of a corporate trust fund to see us through financially until we’re profitable.  We both let our love for the music override our short term financial stability.  We pick the content we want to promote and try to make the artists job of promoting their music easier.

Most of the people who read this get it.  Your tired of some suit in New York picking what music you want to hear.  That’s why you found me, and I can tell you I really appreciate that.

If you value my recommendations on music, I think you should take a look at Muddy Beatz Magazine. It’s a good read and when you buy the magazine or visit their website, you’re supporting a small business that wants to promote good music.  Music you may not hear anywhere else.

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