Special Reserve , A Look in to Big Smo 2.0

Big Smo has gone through some shit over the past few years. Divorce, open heart surgery, a reality show, the music industry in general. All things that can easy break a person. But instead, through his music, and soon to be released book, this guy shares his journey.

“After a lot of those things happened, yea the music changed a little bit,” said Smo. “I was a little more angry. I had a second chance at life and felt like I needed to step things up a notch. When you realize tomorrow isn’t promised to you, you start going extra hard TODAY. “

Smo told Hick Hop Music, the old Big Smo died on the operating table the day they cut his chest open and Big Smo 2.0 emerged. When you think about it, every 2.0 version of anything you have ever known is just an upgrade. The 2.0 version keeps the best aspects of the original version and upgrades the rest. The results of Big Smo 2.0 and Special Reserve are no different.

“Love it or hate it, I am not going to fake who I am,” said Smo.

While he admits with the new music, there can be a bit of a disconnect from the past, it is exactly who he is, or who he has become rather. Over the course of the past couple years, Smo has had open heart surgery, stopped drinking, went through a 22 month divorce and lost over 100 pounds.

In a number of ways, Special Reserve is unique to Big Smo’s career. In a battle with himself, the tone of the music changed, the context changed, HE changed. Smo felt a push and a pull between staying true to the fans who supported his career from the start and allowing himself to grow both professionally and personally.

“This is unedited,” said Smo. “This ain’t Hollywood. This shit is real and it has real heartbeat behind it and a pulse and a power.”

If you pick apart every track on the new record, one thing is consistent, each song is a part of Big Smo’s heart. From the darkest parts to the most fun. It is raw and it IS REAL

Track Listing

  1. Country Outlaw
  2. Monster In Me (Featuring C. Todd Nielsen)
  3. Bright Lights, Big City
  4. I’m Still Here (Featuring Corey Crowder)
  5. Swinging (Featuring C. Todd Nielson)
  6. Livin A Country Song (Featuring Corey Crowder)
  7. Shake (Featuring Tom G)
  8. Memories (Featuring Ben Burgess)
  9. Free To Be Lonely (Featuring Jimmy Burney)
  10. The Message (Featuring No Wyld)
  11. Cause We Can
  12. One (Featuring Jay Allen)

Big Smo is not new to this genre, he has been at this game for a while. You might already know he was born in California on a Navy base, but moved to Tennessee where his parents were from and grew up on a cattle farm. We asked what the worst part about growing  up on a cattle farm was and he said.. the winters. Having to maintain, the farm in a cold, cold winter is no fun.  But… it must have not been too bad because he still maintains this cow farm lifestyle today at his home in Tennessee.

Hopefully soon, we’ll be able to dive a bit more in to the life of Big Smo when he releases his book. “My Life in A Jar: The Life of Smo” which is expected to be out mid year.

In a cluttered social media world, Big Smo has given his fans a way to connect to his content before it hits any of those social communities. Follow Smo on his very own app, Smomobile, and keep up with special pre-order opportunities that include a chance to be part of the book’s release, hear unreleased music, watch appisodes and even win a ticket to the special book release concert!

“The app gives my fans direct access,” he said. “They should be able to click a button and see what is going on.”

There is one track on Special Reserve called “Memories” We thought it would be fun to take a look back on a few of Big Smo’s

What is your Favorite childhood cereal?
Honey Comb with Chocolate milk. But I was really in to the whole Honey Comb Hideout, google it. 

When and where was your first kiss?
I only know this because I got caught and was told. It was in California in a dog house, when I was 4 and a half with the neighbor girl who was dressed up like wonder woman.

Tell us about a time you got in trouble at school?
I did so much bad stuff in school. I always got sent home for my clothes, because I did custom clothing, and was actually later voted the most stylish. But.. that was not the big thing.  They had a contest called Missed Central Pageant. Senior guys would dress up like girls and girls like guys in a beauty pageant. As my talent I did a poem about a science teacher who was famously known for fondling himself in class. Because he always had chalk around his zipper area. In the poem, I mentioned the teacher being my sweetheart, because he was real good at playing accelerated pocket pool… and I got in some big shit for that. So yea, it was probably for calling a teacher out for being a nut fondler in front of the whole school. They tried to keep me from graduating. Cost me $1,000. I bought my way out of it.  

FYI –> NOT a High School Photo, just for fun!

What was the first cassette you remember buying or getting?
Hank Williams Jr – Born to Boogie, I listened to it for 3 years straight.

What was your first car?
1987 celebrity station wagon, slammed to the ground, tinted windows with “undercover lover” in chrome letters  on the front window, with four 15s in the back. I wanted a hearse, but my mom would not let me get one, so she suggested a station wagon. 

What was your first job?
I was the assistant chef at River bend Country Club 

And finally a throwback to family. And that dollar sign chain around Smo’s neck. Hustlin since 1993.

Make sure you pickup the BRAND NEW Special Reserve album, stream, youtube it.. however you listen to music just do it! you will NOT be disappointed. Visit therealbigsmo.com to order album, find Smo on the road and more! 



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