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I love to hear new music, and it gets even better when the music’s good.  Shotgun Shane has a unique delivery and sound, and plays what can only be described as classic country rap.  Shotgun Shane has a superb singing voice that would fit into any 90’s country band, you know back when they still made country music.  Shotgun Shane’s repertoire is not limited to singing, however.  He can lay down some great raps, and his flow is dead-on.  His lyrics are professional grade and the delivery is on point.  Shotgun Shane has a whole lot of potential.

Shotgun is from Morristown, Tennessee and he’s already been signed to DM Records in Nashville, so I’m not the only industry insider that thinks that he’s got the potential to do some great things in the Country Rap game.

Check out some of SS’s music down below. The sound is professional, and it’s the kind of music you could hear playing in big trucks on Saturday Night with a gang of friends, or all alone in contemplation.

Y’all go check out Shotgun Shane on Soundcloud, and like him on facebook.

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