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Shotgun Shane Self Titled Debut Album


I first heard Shotgun Shane a few months back, and his music has been steadily impressing me more and more, with every new song I hear.  His debut album, also called Shotgun Shane is the kind of record you won’t hear from most artists getting their start in Country Rap; Shane, however isn’t your typical artist.

The Tennessee native may be new to the Hick Hop Scene, but this isn’t his first rodeo.  He garnered a lot of attention in a previous music career, including two singles on the Ronnie Hudson – ‘Westcoastin’ ablum.  Hudson, who provided the original sample for Tupac’s “California Love”, had enough esteem for the Tennessee rapper that he put him on 2 songs on the album.

Flash forward to  2015 and Shotgun Shane is blazing a new path, one that sounds more like whiskey infused country than West Coast and he has developed a sound and work ethic that shows he’s in the game for real.

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If you’ve seen the video for Shotgun Shane’s “Drank Up”, you already know he’s got a unique sound with a nice delivery and some star power to boot.  Nobody should take Shotgun Shane lightly, he’s one of the more talented rappers in the Hick Hop industry today, despite his relative new introduction into the genre. He’s got a real conversational delivery which is easier said than done, and boy that twang in his delivery is like icing on the cake.

Shotgun Shane has no intention of being a one-hit wonder, and the rest of the self-titled album bears that out.  Case and point is “Call Me Crazy” where Shane doesn’t rap, but he shows he can belt out some classic country vocals like a throwback to the 50s when real country was king.  In Fact, “Call Me Crazy” is a song that really shows he’s got some range.  He’s not afraid to lay it out, and if you like your Hick Hop with a lot of Country Sound, this is a must-have for your collection.

Another favorite on the album is “I Go Back”, which finds Shane reminiscing about growing up on the dirt roads of Tennessee.

“Let’s Party is one of the more hip-hop influenced track on Shotgun Shane’s self-titled album.  It’s got a great beat, and a classic chorus.

Shotgun Shane even lays one down for the mudders out there.  Simply titled “Mud”, it’s an homage to mud-holes everywhere.

All in All, I’m very impressed with Shotgun Shane’s performance on his debut album.  He’s got his sound down, a record label that wants to back him, and he’s building a fan base very quickly.  He isn’t touring with The Lacs yet, but give him a couple of years.  This artist has the opportunity to become a force in the Hick Hop movement.  I’ll be rooting for him.

Here’s a video from back in the day when Shotgun Shane was Lil Frost from the WestCoastin’ album

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