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Shotgun Shane “Back Of My Chevrolet”


A month or so ago, I challenged artists to broaden their horizons musically, tackling new sounds and new subjects.  Well, Shotgun Shane accepted the challenge, and his new single “Back Of My Chevrolet” is hot. I can’t say I’ve heard anything like it in Hick Hop before.

It’s not really rap, but it does have that Hick Hop vibe, and the potential audience for “Back Of My Chevrolet” is unlimited.

Pre-Order Shotgun Shane’s “Back Of My Chevrolet” on iTunes or Amazon

It’s a get your ass out on the dance floor kinda song. It’s a party song, but to me, it’s more than that. Shotgun Shane’s new single is a perfect example of what this new genre could become. It’s almost a pop song, but it’s got the country motif flowing throughout.

“Back Of My Chevrolet” was produced by Eddie Robinson and features Matt “Manchild” Marshall on a bad-ass guitar solo.

I’m not a huge fan of auto-tune, but when it’s used properly it can be a great tool.  Robinson and Shotgun Shane together pulled it off like a couple of bosses.

Take note artists.  This is the type of song that will not only extend the genre’s reach, but will likely extend the reach of the artist as well. This song will appeal to a lot of folks that generally don’t like the “Country Rap” scene.

Pre-Order Shotgun Shane’s “Back Of My Chevrolet” on iTunes or Amazon

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