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Former Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his run for President of The United States today, and I heard something interesting when Perry Entered The Stage. What I heard Was Colt Ford.  Yeah that’s right, when Rick Perry made his announcement today about running in 2016, he used Colt Ford and JJ Lawhorn’s 2012 Song “Answer To No One”, with a little change in words that is.  Heck, if I didn’t always just write my own name into that box when I vote, I’d consider Perry’s choice in music a good decision

Here’s a clip from C-Span

Here’s the original.



According to Rolling Stone, here are the chorus changes:

Rick Perry supporter, let’s protect our border,” the song starts. “To hell with anyone who don’t believe in the USA / Rick Perry all the way.” The second verse boasts the rhyme, “Give me my right to vote / My right to tote / The weapon of my choice / Don’t censor my voice.”

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