Review: “Walk Through Hell” Moccasin Creek featuring Marty Ray

Jeff “Brahma Bull” McCool has a hit on his hands. Moccasin Creek has a new song called “Walk
Through Hell” featuring Marty Ray. It is available on for free. The lyric video
is there for all to see on the Moccasin Creek YouTube channel, also.

Marty Ray’s voice is an incredible instrument in and of itself. His voice is a mix of genres. It’s old
gospel, kind of bluesy, southern rock and country all at the same time. He does an incredible job with
the chorus on this one.

Brahma Bull comes in on the verses with his unique flow, letting you know without a doubt, that you
are hearing none other than Moccasin Creek. In this song, he comes hard at you without having to go
hard on the vocals, as only Jeff McCool can.

In my opinion, the best songs tell a story or they teach you something. The lyrics make you think and
ponder the big picture. A good melody and beat is essential, also. “Walk Thru Hell” has all of that. This
song lets you know a bit of what Jeff and Marty have gone through and what may be still ahead. Hell…
We are all going to have to go through Hell in this life to get to Heaven. Well, not actual Hell, we all
know that the way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Rather, the song talks of Hell on
earth. Like the lyrics in the song says “the Devil gonna bring you down in every way”. Look, life is not
easy. It’s not supposed to be. To get to Heaven sometimes you have to walk through Hell.
Go. Listen to this song. If you listen to no other music this day, listen to this one. It’s a hit.

-Kevin “CatHead” Steverson

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