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Reginald Wrangler


I knew I had to share this new artist when I heard his debut songs “Brake-Fluid” and “Get Low” on Soundcloud.   Reginald Wrangler, a Floridian, has a unique delivery, writing style and voice that is both unique and familiar.  It’s an honest-to-god  country singer with hip-hop beats backing him up.  Redneck C.E.O.’s played “Get Low” on his last show, and it got a great response.

“Get Low” is built for the club and there’s no reason it shouldn’t get play in any club in the country.  It’s a banger, and like an updated version of Cotton Eye Joe.

“Brake Fluid” is an interesting song that has an awesome sound as well. I love his unique voice and delivery.  The stream of consciousness style writing matches the other factors creating a sound that stands out.

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I think Reginald Wrangler has just the kind of sound that will separate him from other artists out right now. I think we’re going to hear a lot more from Reginald Wrangler

reginald wrangler

Reginald Wrangler

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