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Redneck Souljers “Rednecks Drunk” Featuring DurtE


A couple of weeks ago, DurtE blew up the Country Rap world with his collaboration with Redneck Souljers on “Rural Legends”, and I talked about the growth I could hear in Fatt Tarr and C-Hubb’s delivery.

It looks like DurtE returned the favor and worked with the Souljers on “Rednecks Drunk”

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A little chopped and screwed, the newest music from the most under-rated Country Rap group in the business is a little different, even for Redneck Souljers.  The backing track is slowed and matches the theme.  It reminds me of a late night at the bar when those beers have finally kicked in and everything slows down and starts getting sloppy.  The track is surreal, and I’m sure that’s not on accident.

Fatt Tarr comes in with the verse about a minute into “Rednecks Drunk” and delivers a rhyme that I think symbolizes when you walk into the club ready for anything.  Fatt Tarr brings his signature sound to the song on the chorus and his verse has a flow that more closely resembles the chorus than the others on this track.  Probably the most unique delivery in the country rap industry, when Tarr takes the mike you know you’re going to get something different.  With “Rednecks Drunk” you hear the essence of the song.  I’m just guessing here, but I figure that Fatt Tarr is behind the overall feel of “Rednecks Drunk”.  It matches his style perfectly.

C-Hubb comes in on the next pass with what I think may be the best rap I’ve heard from this Tennessean yet. He shoots the lyrics quick and precisely, and the flow is phenomenal.  Not to take anything away from Fatt Tarr and DurtE, who give great performances, but C-Hubb’s verse is the stand-out performance on “Rednecks Drunk”

DurtE brings it all home with a short verse that features his unmistakeable growl that though rough is always on point and you can make out every word, even though he’s throwing them out fast. I’ve seen fast rappers, and I’ve heard the growling type voices before, but DurtE puts them together into something I think is unique and awesome.

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