Random Questions With Charlie Farley and New Single “Where I’m From”

Charlie Farley dropped a brand new single today and it is DOOOOOOPPPPE. Where I’m From is exactly what it sounds like, a song about where you are from. The single, written by Charlie, Rizzi Myers and Jared Sciullo is just one of those roll your windows down, ride and reflect songs.

Here’s a tease...

We were pretty honored Charlie took a few minutes of his time, considering it IS hunting season, to talk to us for a few minutes. What did we do with that time? We asked some random questions and the answers are pretty good.

    • HHM: When was your first kiss?
    • Charlie: First day kindergarten
    • HHM: What is your favorite vacation destination? What is your bucket list vacation destination?
    • Charlie: Any place w a lake / private island off Florida
    • HHM: If you could have one super power what would it be?
    • Charlie: Teleport
    • HHM: If time stood still, what decade would you like to live in?
    • Charlie: The 90’s
    • HHM: What was your first car? vs what was your dream car in high school?
    • Charlie: Silverado / Silverado
    • HHM: What is one fact about you we might not know?
    • Charlie: I am a poet
    • HHM: Tell us one thing on our bucket list?
    • Charlie: To perform with Garth Brooks

Make sure you check out the full song….
Click —> HERE

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