PRUNO “Shine On” featuring Jeremy Penick


If you’re the first artist signed to Moonshine Bandit’s Record label (MSB Entertainment), one might think you might feel  a little bit of pressure.  PRUNO released his debut video today for “Shine On” and if he’s feeling the pressure, his performance on the song and video doesn’t show it at all.  In fact, the whole production made me come away feeling like the California rapper has been doing this for years.

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I know he’s been preparing for his debut release for a long time, and I think “Shine On” is a great song and shows a lot of promise for PRUNO.  It’s the kind of song you listen to when you want to pump yourself up for a big day, or just sit around drinking a brew.

To me, this is an anthem for the dreamer.  Not everybody wants to be a rock star, but we’ve all got dreams, and listening to this song makes me want to work harder pursuing mine.  That’s a good sign for PRUNO, because to me that means he can connect with people that listen to his music from all walks of life.  He’s got great lyrics, and a nice flow that to me definitely show’s some Moonshine Bandits’ influence, but despite his friends’ (and now bosses) help, “Shine On” stands on its on.

Jeremy Penick (from the band Depswasings the chorus and together with PRUNO, really completes a great production.  I’m glad to see the Moonshine Bandits broaden their horizons by starting their own label, and I’m stoked that they chose PRUNO to debut the project. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

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