Outlaw “Yuppie Folks Can’t Survive” Featuring Bottleneck


Outlaw is a Youtube superstar that’s getting thousands of views on all of his videos, where he talks about dipping, takes his viewers on trips parts words of wisdom, and just other badass stuff.  If you’ve ever heard someone say “Mother Trucker”, they’re an Outlaw Fan

On “Yuppie Folks Can’t Survive”, Outlaw teams up with Bottleneck to give a lesson on why those city boys may think us country boys are backwards, but let the power go out, and they’re as helpless as, to quote Johnny Mathis, a kitten up a tree.

“Yuppie Folks Can’t Survive” even contains a cameo from Fatt Farr of Redneck Souljers who does a mean Hank Hill impersonation

Outlaw obviously doesn’t take himself seriously, but I think he should. He’s got good lyrics that tell a story.  He’s got a unique delivery.  I think if he put a serious album together, it would sell tons of copies.

Of course, when you put Bottleneck on a remix of “Country Boy Can Survive”, it’s like throwing Brer Rabbit in the briar patch. Like shooting fish in a barrel. And as usual Bottleneck does a great job on “Yuppie Folks Can’t Survive”

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