Olivia Lane “Boys”


Olivia Lane is on the bubble in the country industry right now.  She’s touring with Craig Morgan, she was named 10 New Country Artists You Need To Know in Rolling Stone, and she’s got a single on’s Country playlist of the month.

Her voice reminds me of Sara Evans but she’s got a sound of her own.

One of her newest songs “Boys”, off her acoustic mixtape has a pretty bumping beat for not just a country song, but an acoustic country song at that.  “Boys” isn’t rap, but a couple of her verses on the song have an almost chanting feel to them, and combined with the beat, “Boys” has a lot of Hick Hop reverberation to it.  Listen to the chorus:

Fist Bumpin’, Tailgate Hoppin’

Beer Drinkin’ Football Watchin’

Deer Huntin’

Lookin’ Hot In Camouflage

I’m not a huge fan of mainstream country music, but I do think the suits in New York City that decide what you’ll hear on Country Radio should take a serious look and listen at Olivia Lane’s “Boys”.  It’s got the ingredients to be a huge hit.

I’ll even diagnose Lane’s boy problems.  I only saw one dude in that video that looked like he’s ever baited a hook in his life.  I mean if she’d find her a real man that wore camo for actual deer hunting instead of some pretty boy style, I bet she’d have a keeper.

You can download “Boys” from Olivia Lane and the rest of her acoustic mixtape on her Soundcloud


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