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D. Thrash ArticleIf you’re even a little bit of a fan of Country Rap Music, you’ve no doubt heard of  D. Thrash  He’s not only the leader of the Jawga Boyz, producer extraordinaire, video director; he’s now label head of D. Thrash Productions, a company with several of the top up-and-coming artists in the genre signed to the organization.

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He’s also a trailblazer in the Country Rap genre. He’s responsible for classics like “Ridin High”, “All The Girls Wanna Ride”, “Chillin’ In The Backwoods”, and “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun”, just to name a few.  He’s worked with pretty much all the top names in the game, in some form or another, and now he’s using his experience to mentor a new generation of artists.

D. Thrash is an icon in the industry.

When I found out I was getting the opportunity to interview D. Thrash I was stoked.  I’d traded a few messages here and there with him, but the chance to meet Thrash in person, to see the studio where all those hits were made, and get some insight into makes him tick was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

I figured I’d go to the studio, get 20-25 minutes on tape, and be on my way. D. Thrash had another plan.

When  I arrived at D. Thrash Studios, I was ushered back to the main studio where all of those hits were made.  Guitars and posters filled the wall, as well as many flyers, including one advertising  the video shoot for “Ridin High”.

We talked software for a bit, and when it lead to a story about getting some insights from other big name producers in the industry, I reached to turn the camera on.  Thrash, however, wasn’t ready for that part yet. Instead, I was in for a treat; D. Thrash wanted me to get to know more about his process, and  mindset.  During the course of the next couple of hours I got a lot of insight into not only the artistic side of D. Thrash Productions, but the business side as well.

He doesn’t do anything accidentally.  He works out the most intricate details of every piece of the puzzle before he drops any music, down to how to best make the CDs stand out on retail shelves.  D. Thrash wants his CDs to draw the eye’s attention.  If the CD catches somebody’s eye, he says, they’re more likely to pick it up, thus increasing  the likelihood of a sale.  Even the stickers placed on the discs are well-thought out.

D. Thrash also talked a lot about how perseverance helped make him the star he is today.  He talked about Toby Keith submitting song after song to label after label and was told it wasn’t good enough, or his voice was bad every time he got a response. Keith kept moving though, never giving up, and Thrash compared their paths.  He tried to get signed to a label as well when he first started his craft. They all passed, and because he kept hustling, he eventually gained enough of a following that he didn’t need a label. D. Thrash told me that fans of the Jawga Boyz kept watching his videos and buying his music and that the fans allowed him to fund projects that he had originally though it would take the power of a major label to achieve.

The biggest treat of my day with D. Thrash was the music. I got to hear a song that Thrash said would be on the new Jawga Boyz album, Reloaded 2, and then a couple of songs from Porch Matthews, one of which could become a cult classic, and transcend genres.

He beamed with pride when he spoke of the young artists that were signed to D. Thrash Productions, and how he hoped that he could help them avoid many of the mistakes he had made when he was first starting out.  He touched on a theme I’ve heard from all the acts on the label; the family atmosphere.

When we rolled the tape, I was impressed with how open he was. He gave advice to young artists, talked about how he got started and finally made it a career.  He talked about Dez rejoining Jawga Boyz and how much it meant to him to have the co-founder of the group back in the fold.

D. Thrash also talked about working with Bubba Sparxxx, and his chance to work with another hero of his in the music business.  You’ll have to watch the interview to get that news.

At the end of my day with D. Thrash, I felt, he had opened a crack in the window to allow us, the fans, to see a little bit of what makes the icon tick.  He came off as a regular guy, somebody that you could hang around and drink a beer with. He never once displayed the attitude of a primadonna the entire time I spent with him. To me, that made my day with D. Thrash a success.

Thrash even offered to let give away some Jawga Boyz Swag.  We’ve got a huge 10 winner prize pack that includes a signed poster, a Koozie and the Jawga Boyz album ‘Reloaded 1’.  Stay tuned for more information on how to win one of the prizes.


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