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Mud Digger 6 is here, and the latest volume of the juggernaut series is bigger and badder than ever.  Average Joe’s Entertainment has done what I think is the best job that they’ve done on any Mud Digger of introducing and featuring new artists on #6.  It’s great to see superstars like Colt Ford, Lenny Cooper, Danny Boone, Moccasin Creek, Moonshine Bandits and more along side new up-and-coming artists and groups like Cypress Spring, J Rosevelt, I4NI, Cap Bailey and Exit 24.

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Mud Digger 6 starts off with a brand new “Mud Digger” remix featuring Lenny Cooper, Demun Jones, Cap Bailey, Moonshine Bandits, Colt Ford and Moccasin Creek, some great sounding fiddles, and a great over-all production.  The production on this series always impresses me. I know Average Joe’s always works with great producers, and this one’s no different.

MD6 also contains a good bit of new music including Bubba Sparxxx and Noah Gordon’s “Mardi Gras”, Exit 24’s “Barn Song”, Moccasin Creek’s “Redneckonize”, which is one of my favorites,  and more.

Trailer Choir is new to the Average Joe’s label (Remember “Rockin’ The Beer Gut” from 2009?) and their “Better With A Beer” is straight country, a slight change of tempo for Mud Digger 6’s flow, but it works perfectly with the rest of the album, and I’m glad it’s there

Amber Delacruz belts a classic rock fueled “Take It on Home”,  has a little rasp, a bit of sass, and a whole lot soul.  How does Average Joe’s always manage to find the ladies with those kick-ass strong power voices?  Delacruz is all of that.  It’s not country rap, but it’s and awesome song and it was a great decision putting “Take It Home” on the album.

One thing fans will be happy to hear on Mud Digger 6, are all the remixes of songs we may have heard before, but never like this.  Charlie Farley‘s got “Backroad Life”remixed up with Demun Jones, I mention the mega Mud Digger remix with several artists, and a “Throwdown” remix featuring The Lacs and Moonshine Bandits.

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Here’s some more details about my favorite songs on Mud Digger 6

“Swampy” – This is one of the best of songs I’ve heard in a while. It’s what Country Rap is supposed to be and so much more. J  Rosevelt shows quickly why the guys at Average Joe’s have taken a shine to this rapper and Colt Ford’s performance is superb.  The hook is more R&B than country, but it completes the song.   It ain’t a nasty song, it’s swampy!  I hope they do a video on this one.  It’s a classic.

“Redneckonize” – I love the way Jeff McCool sees the world.  He always has a different perspective on things, and to me that’s good. He’s got  a voice that once you hear the first note, you know who it is.  The track mixed in with Moccasin Creek’s music adds a dimension I haven’t heard before from Brahma Bull and the boys.  You can’t come away from “Redneckognize” without being a Moccasin Creek fan if you weren’t already.  Long Time fans of the Creek will love this and newcomers will be hooked.

“Mardi Gras” is a zydeco infused song that’s both country and classic Country Rap. I really like Noah Gordon’s sound, and Bubba Sparxxx is constantly amazing me in the way that he can take any kind of music and make it his own.  It’s a mark of a great artist, and Sparxxx’ game has only improved since his debut way back in 2001.

“Free Birds” – The Lacs and Hard Target work out a great song on “Free Birds”.  Ryan Fleming’s voice sounds superb, all the lyrics are superb throughout and this is another keeper.  Hard Target and The Lacs make a good team, and the hook is classic rock.  I’ll have this one on my playlist for a long time.

The Mud Digger albums are known for high sales and big, bold songs.  In my humble opinion, Mud Digger 6 bests the others, and then some.  If they want to make Mud Digger 7 better than this one, they best get to work on it now.

Mud Digger is always the most anticipated album of he year for Country Rap aficionados.  Well #6 is finally here, and I can assure you it’s worth buying

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