Moccasin Creek Kicks Off National Tour With Nashville Party


Moccasin Creek is dropping their new album, Hillbilly Rock Star (pre-order now) Friday, and they’re kicking off a national tour to support their debut album on Average Joe’s Entertainment‘s record label.  To celebrate the kick-off of the tour, the label thew Brahma Bull, Ronnie Davis and the rest of the band a party at SIR studios in Nashville, complete with a performance from the group, giving us a sample of what’s to come.

Moccasin Creek At Their 2016 Tour Kickoff Party

Moccasin Creek At Their 2016 Tour Kickoff Party

Moccasin Creek was already one of the more preeminent bands in the industry,  but with their recent signing with Average Joe’s, they’re set to take their music to the next level.

I was there at the party, and I can say that even though the complete band hasn’t been playing together that long, they sound like they’ve been playing gigs together for years.  Lead singer and guitarist Ronnie Davis confirmed that he felt the same way.  He told me that as soon as they had their line-up set for the upcoming tour, he felt like he’d been playing with all the guys for decades.  He was excited about the upcoming shows, and Jeff McCool, AKA Brahma Bull, echoed that sentiment.

McCool is such a down to earth person.  He took the time to talk to everyone there, and get pictures with everybody that wanted one.  I even got one with Brahma Bull, but I look the part of Danny Devito to McCool’s Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie Twins

Brahma Bull and The Gooch at SIR Studios In Nashville.

Brahma Bull and The Gooch at SIR Studios In Nashville.

The whole band is excited to get out on the road and show off their tweaked sound, and I can confirm that what you’ll hear on the upcoming tour is Moccasin Creek at its best.  The set was tight, and you’ll get the feeling you’re at a major rock show when the guys take the stage.  As Kevin Steverson, the tour manager for Cypress Spring, pointed out to me, they sang with a harmony I haven’t head from the band before.  Steverson knows what he’s talking about and he was right on the money.

Moccasin Creek is an honest-to-goodness hard rock band. If you’re anywhere near one of their upcoming shows, this is a must get ticket.

Here’s the most current schedule for the Tour 

moccasin creek Tour Dates

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