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There’s a whole lot of rappers that have decided to get in on the Hick Hop explosion lately and a lot of them aren’t doing much for the genre. There are others like Mic Manik, who have the talent the drive, and the business acumen to really help move the music to the next level.  Mic Manik has the skills, the determination, and he knows enough about the business side to understand the importance of production.  If his new album, ‘Muddy Water’, produced by Dammit Boys’ Jon Conner, is any indication of what’s to come, we might just have a new star in the game.

From the onset I noticed that the flow is impeccable.  He lays it down quick, but by the 2nd or 3rd time through the album, I got to hone in on the lyrics more and I discovered that Manik has a habit of nailing some pretty difficult lyrics right on the marks, while making it look way too easy.

Another thing those other guys should take note of is its diversity of not only sound but content on ‘Muddy Water’, which goes from deep to party with every emotion in between.

Manik doesn’t waste anytime exceeding expectations, as less than one minute into the title track, I was impressed with the lyrics and delivery.  “Muddy Water” (the song) is deeper than the title might make you think.  It’s a hard hitting song on many levels, and the Texan never lets up the entire album.

Mic Manik pulls no punches.  He kicks ass behind the mic and he doesn’t pitty fools that he doesn’t think take the craft seriously enough.  His take-no-crap attitude adds another layer of authenticity to Manik’s music.  Maybe its all that Texas in him  One thing I come out of ‘Muddy Water’ feeling is that Mic Manik is a real bad-ass.

Speaking of bad-ass, you’ve probably heard “Unkle Budd” and seen the accompanying video. If you haven’t, watch it and you’ll get a good feel of what to expect from ‘Muddy Water’.

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Another one of my favorites off the album is “State Of Emergency”, which is really unlike anything out there.  The chorus is out of the world, and the verses are filled with a kind of Patriotic manifesto about where Manik feels society is heading.  Agree or disagree with his assessment, there’s no denying this guy can make a great track.

One more track that I think is great is “Stuck In My Ways” another song that’s both classic country solid gold and bumping new generation Country rap.

I think my favorite track of Mic Manik’s album might just be “Breaking My Back” a melodic trip through a blue-collar work day starting early, working hard and coming home late.  Anybody that works for a living can relate to this one.  This to me is the epitome of what country rap could be.

The track that I think will be the most popular song on ‘Muddy Water’ is “Redneck” remix featuring Big Chuk, Demun Jones, Bottleneck, D. Thrash and Boondock Kingz.  I’ve heard rumors of a video shoot, and all these guys together make this remix great.

One listen to ‘Muddy Water’ will leave no doubt in your mind that Mic Manik came to the game ready to play to win.  He’s taken some great lyrics and matched up with one of the top producers in the industry (Jon Conner), features from some of the most well known names in the industry (David Ray, Jon Conner, Demun Jones, Bottleneck, D. Thrash, Big Chuk, and Boondock Kingz) to make a stellar album.

Mic Manik didn’t come to play.  He came to win.  He’s brought a great talent to the table, and matched it up with all the right people to create what I think will be one of the better alums we’ll hear in Country rap in 2016.

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