King Of The Pines – Who is Tommy Chayne?

Who is Tommy ChayneTommy Chayne is from deep in LA. But don’t be fooled, we’re talking Lower Alabama folks, no fancy frills here. In fact, Tommy Chayne writes and sings about just the opposite.

HHM: Who are you musical influences?
Tommy Chayne: All the old story tellers, George Jones, Biggie, 36 Mafia, Mr Biggs. I like southern rap, folk, old country, new country.

HHM: When did you get in to music?
Tommy Chayne: My dad was a pretty bad ass guitarist, I’ve been recording for about 12 years. Music has been a huge part of my life, pretty much my whole life.

HHM: Most recently, King of the Pines, How did that happen?
Tommy Chayne: I love my label so much, Average Joes, the whole team. Phivestarr Entertainment emailed me a track, it had Upchurch already on it. When I got that email I was pretty damn excited about it. We talked on FB about it. He was excited, He’s a cool dude.

Watch King of the Pines featuring Upchurch

HHM: Where was the video filmed?
Tommy Chayne: The video was filmed at my second home in Mobile. I am there a lot. Saddle Up Saloon. The owner is one of my best friends. It is a family atmosphere in there.

HHM: What are you working on right now?
Tommy Chayne: We are working on putting out my first project. Actually, King of the Pines was the first song from the project. We have some pretty exciting things coming up. The next one we are going to push is with my homies, and when I say homies, I do mean my homies. My boys, Cypress Spring. “Where You At?” DJ KO with Phivestarr, produced that one and it’s going to be a crazy, crazy track.

HHM: What’s a typical day with TC like?
Tommy Chayne: All my friends make fun of me because I can never make my mind up. Whatever it is it involves fun. I’m a big kid. I try to have fun every day. A Typical day would be sitting around eating good food and drinking cold beer. We can be on the water, we can be on land, the backyard, it doesn’t matter.

HHM: What is your favorite dish to make?
Tommy Chayne: Crawfish is a lot of fun to make because it involves drinking. I don’t cook a lot in the kitchen but I love to grill. I love cooking steak and slow cooking ribs, but back in the day my cousin and I used to buy a pack of weenies just to throw on the grill so we had an excuse to sit around and drink beer.

HHM: Drink of choice?
Tommy Chayne: Beer → Coors Light, I keep it simple

HHM: Dream Truck?
Tommy Chayne: Lifted Two Door Tahoe, I think they stopped making them in 98.

HHM: Most memorable moment?
Tommy Chayne: Supporter wise, putting the mic down and letting the fans sing. That never gets old. My signing party, I went back stage sweaty as hell and happy cried for 15 min.

HHM: Last thoughts from TC?
Tommy Chayne: I’m thankful for any opportunity to chase my dream. If there is someone out there debating on chasing something, just wish you’d go ahead do it. Life is short. God wants us happy. I think we are all blessed with a certain talent. If you can somehow make a living doing what you want to do, you have found the key to life. I set small goals and I achieve them. It’s just going to get better.

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