Undscovered Music – Joe Stixxx – Goals, Favorites & New Music!

Hick Hop Music caught up with Joe Stixxx from Macon, Ga. He’s been making music since 2008 under a couple different names and was also in a group called The Stixxx. Current and new music can all be found under Joe Stixxx on media outlets.

HHM: What is your biggest goal in life?
Joe Stixxx: I want to reach the whole world with my music and leave the world as an Icon.
HHM: What is your favorite part about making music?

JS: The creativity and freedom I can express

HHM: What is you Favorite song to sing, yours or otherwise.

JS: Doobie-Breakdown.

HHM: What is one motto you live by?
JS: No regrets.
HHM: Tell us about something good that has recently happened to you.
JS: I have been working on a new album called Joe Stixxx- The Dopest Shit In The Woods. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of my favorite artist and get features with them such as artist Jellyroll, Doobie, Alexander King, Bubba Sparxxx, and Big Smo.
Spotify: @JoeStixxx
Joe Stixxx- “Hold the Road”

Joe Stixxx- “Another Day Another Dollar” Feat. Jelly Roll & Syn Soundz

Joe Stixxx- “Country Boy”


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