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Jawga Boyz ‘Mud Boggin Crew”

Last night, I went to a High School football game, and on my way into the station, I heard that organ startup that, when any Jawga Boyz fan hears, that meant I was about to hear “Ridin’ High” in the midst of thousands of people, an experience that made me take a step back and watch the crowd. I saw tapping feet, bobbing heads and some dancing, and I wondered if the person playing the song realized that Jawga Boyz and the D. Thrash Productions label had just released Mud Boggin Crew, a compilation that features the entire D. Thrash Productions family.

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I’ve been watching what kind of organization Thrash has been putting together since I heard he was forming a label, and Mud Boggin Crew feels like a coming out party for the label.

Since the last Jawga Boyz album, Dez has re-entered the group as an official member, and he has in the past couple of years, established himself as a heavy hitter on the Country Rap scene. I for one, am sure glad he’s back, because he’s a serious talent.

D. Thrash starts Mud Boggin’ Crew with a song that makes a great introduction for the album with a great party song and some classic D. Thrash on the mic. “I Do It Big” is the kind of song most people think about when they think of the Jawga Boyz, big trucks, dipping, country living with a classic D. Thrash Track holding it all together.

I really like Porch Matthews’ delivery. It oozes southern drawl, and it’s in full effect on “Local Honey”. Porch Matthews is one of those young artists in the game that has a real shot at a long career making music. If “Local Honey” is the first you’ve heard from Porch Matthews, you’ve only begun to hear what he can do.

BoonDock Kingz help Handz Onn out in “Whole Wide World” and then add a track from their hit debut album Mountain Muzik, “Prohibition” and I’m glad this song is going to get some more attention.  BoonDock Kingz hit the radar last year with their mammoth hit “12 Inch Lift” and “Prohibition” is another in a long line of great songs from the GA/NY connection.

Them Riverbank Boys is going to blow your speakers when they release their full album with D. Thrash, but until then we’ll have a great song to pump those speakers to in “Red Clay” and I think this is the first of many hits we’re going to get to hear from this North Georgia Duo.

Tennessee Shine “Feel Good Song” has a great chorus that makes you want to sing a long, and the acoustic backed rapping is on point. “Feel Good Song” is a great song to get one of those fall bonfire parties going.

Though, geographically Handz Onn is the furtherest away from D. Thrash Productions Headquarters in Georgia, he fits in with the rest of the guys like he’s just from right down the road. This guy has got the skills, and his “Whole Wide World” featuring BoonDock Kingz and D. Thrash is one of many highlights on Mud Boggin Crew

Bluefoot and D. Ray team up for “Prove ‘em Wrong” and I’ve been waiting to hear the West Virginian, former MTV star since Bluefoot released “I Don’t Wanna Forget”, and I wasn’t let down. D. Ray handles the hook on “Prove ‘em Wrong and his work really ties the song together

Teacher Preacher is another one of D. Thrash Productions’ artists I’m chomping on the book to hear from. He gives us a great primer of what’s to come on “Jawga” a banging song about the peach state. Teacher Preacher’s got a great flow on ‘Jawga” and the backing track is great.

On Mud Boggin Crew, I heard some of the best lyrics I’ve heard D. Thrash lay down yet. “Memories” is my favorite example. He’s done the more introspective songs before, but I think there’s over a decade of experience behind the mic on this album, and it shows.

Charlie Farley and D. Ray come in and lend a couple of verses to the album, and I couldn’t think of two better artists to come in and be a part of this project.

D. Thrash is a trailblazer in Country Rap. He’s witnessed the birth, helped build the genre into the fastest growing genre in the music industry, and a major reason for the success that artists are starting to see rapping about rural-centric topics. With his label he, aims to take his experience and mentor some of the best talent coming into the business. There’s no way you can listen to Mud Boggin Crew and not think his label be a success.

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