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After recent viral success of the hit “YeeYee“, which originally debut about a year ago right here on HHM, we caught up with Homegrown to learn a little about where he comes from and what he stands for. You might be surprised to know that this Georgia rapper is also an activist! Check out some of the links to his other songs and trailer to a documentary that he is featured in. You can also Buy his AlbumSumthin Outta Nuthinhere!


HickHopMusic: What is the driving force behind your music? Why do you do it?

HomeGrown: My HOMEGROWN family has a story to tell and I’m  the messenger. It deserves to be told so it will be by any means necessary. I’m here to make music and keep it homegrown.

HHM: When did you start writing/making music?

HG: I have been rapping my entire life on a daily basis, but due to my calling as an activist and a homegrown outlaw here in Georgia, I didn’t actually start recording music and going public until the spring of 2015.

HHM: Who got you involved or first taught you a love for music?

HG: When it comes to music and how to make a song, it started in my east side of Albany, GA with my friends. None of my family makes music except a few cousins in the Rock and Southern Rock genre but definitely no country rappers.  I can say I was heavily influenced by Bone Thugs and Harmony, Kottonmouth Kings, 3-6 mafia, The Lacs, Colt Ford, Dwight Yoakam, Bob Marley and I could just go on and on. These artists inspired me to make music and I’ve never met one of them in person, just listened to and supported them. You can hear them in my songs if you listen close or at least I like to think so. All taught me how to put a song together, something that I use to move my Homegrown Family forward… it’s just the truth… I respect all of them greatly for the lessons I feel I learned from them.

HHM: Where did you grow up? Do your roots have an influence on your music and how?

HG: In and around Albany, Ga my whole life. This is my home. This area has produced lots of talent from Luke Bryan, Phillip Phillips, Young Gunner, Field Mob, Ole E, and now Homegrown Family!!! My life and my up-bringin’ are in my lyrics. I was raised here and now I’m raising a family here. You can tell where I come from if you listen to my songs… Hell, you can probably figure out how to find me on any given Friday night or Tuesday afternoon by listening to the words of my songs. This is my state and these are my people that I represent. I’m proud to do so.

HHM: What do you think about when you are alone driving somewhere? Where do you drive or go to clear your mind and why?

HG: When I’m driving in my tour van or around town I am constantly thinking about our next move. What can I do to move our team into the direction we need to be.  I’m a hustler at heart so I always plan well in advance. Life is a chess game and those who play for the short term will always lose, while those who look at the long term plan will always rise to the top. That simple. When I want to clear my mind I go down to the river to swim and canoe down the Flint River all day, no music, no phone, just me and nature just like I like it. I need a break sometimes too. Hell, I’m going tomorrow, I need it for sure after the last few days!

HHM: What was your very first song and how did you come up with it?

HG: Our very first song was Ropes and Chains and hickhopmusic.com actually produced and debuted it for us. Thanks Again!!! Honestly, me and my brother and some friends went mud bogging down by the Flint River all day and night once.  The next day me and my brother Big Mac sat down in my home studio and wrote the song in about an hour.  I had the idea to add a female voice to the story and we also remixed it again with a great dance beat that is played at hip hop clubs, mud parks and country bars alike all over America. I’m super proud to say that’s my very 1st song I ever co-wrote, ’cause I think it jams and tells a story from beginning to end and people can relate to the lyrics.  It’s about mudding, and who doesn’t like mudding and a cold beer????

HHM: What did you do before getting into the music industry? Day job?

HG: Well that is a matter of public records and was covered on the local news and newspapers. I can say I was a Homegrown Outlaw in a state where that was illegal but I know in my heart and soul I was doing it for a noble reason. My friends had children who needed me to, it’s that simple. There is actually a full length documentary that was filmed about my story and the story of a lot of adorable awesome kids with severe autism. It’s called Homegrown Joy; The War for Legal Healing in the Deep South (Trailer Here). If people wanna know what Homegrown was doing in the weeks before he went public as a musician and dropped his first song then watch this documentary. All questions will be answered for sure. Yes, I am a full blown activist for medical cannabis. I have seen with my own two eyes how it HELPS those with cancer, lupus, autism, epilepsy, and many other health/mental differences. I just want everyone to be happy and keeping it homegrown strives to make that happen.

HHM: Your a brand new color in the crayon box. What color are you and why?

HG: That’s easy – I’m the human color crayon because there isn’t one and there should be. I volunteer to be that crayon with a smile.

HHM: Have you done any live performances? Where is your favorite place to perform?

HG: Absolutely! We have performed from backyard barbecues to huge mud parks and night clubs to country bars but my all time favorite place that we played is definitely Moccasin Creek Off Road Park. The same place we filmed the YeeYee video. Thanks Susan Swain y’all are awesome!

HHM: What inspired “Yee Yee”?

HG: It was time for something that sounded different than all the other hick hop that was flooding the scene. Although it’s all good, we just wanted to do something a little different. We didn’t know if was the kind of song the fans wanted but we wanted to give it a try, and its exactly what the fans want to hear! That’s a great thing cause I got at least another 50 YeeYee type songs in my arsenal and a whole bunch of outlaw songs along with some club bangers.

HHM: Where did the idea for the video come from and how did you go about making it?

HG: That honor goes to my man Mike Hammer from Triple Threat Productions. He was on the scene filming another video and we were gonna be in that video, then we were supposed to go film YeeYee with my little old handy-cam. Mike saw what was about to happen and asked me if he could hear the song. He listened and said “hey man come on and roll with us and we will film YeeYee today too.” I told him I was on a no budget situation and Mike smiled at me and said “come on man let’s go make a real music video”… and the rest is history!

HHM: How do you feel about the success of “Yee Yee” and the video?

HG: BOOM baby! Is how I feel. I feel grateful. I feel excited. I feel blessed. I feel like we’re here to stay! Lots of work has been done and we know we have lots more work to do!!! YeeYee made the entire world look at us, now it’s our time to shine and I’m here to prove that we are here to stay. The music industry, our fans and our hard work, along with God got us to where we are now.  We will NOT let anyone down.

HHM: What do you think is the best thing to come from the video going viral in a matter of a few days?

HG: That’s easy, I’m gonna be able to buy my family some land and a house. I’m gonna be able to use that money to help the community I live in. If we win, everyone wins. I am the peoples champion for a reason.When we get money from music its considered a blessing and around here we share our blessings with the needy, the people who the system forgot, the people who need us. We give back on a daily basis and now we can expand that to help so many others. The best thing is gonna be the thousands of real smiles we are gonna create from this blessing we received.. Actions always speak louder than words. I invite the world to watch our daily actions by following us on Facebook and YouTube. Watch us try to change the world. It’s what I’m here to do. I’m here to teach the world how to keep it homegrown. If you don’t know what that means don’t worry cause you will real soon I promise!
HHM: What do you think of these new terms “Trillbilly” and “Hillbilly Trap Music” that were coined from your recent viral success?

HG: Well, I’ve seen it called exactly that . I saw comments saying I created a new genre or a new thing but y’all know people been making country rap songs for a long time. It’s nothing new. Now, we did make a song that was very different than all the other hick hop songs out there, but we didn’t create a new genre. We have brought attention to this genre.  Millions of people who didn’t even know this kind of music existed, and now a lot of those people are fans. We did bring the genre out to the mainstream public in a way I feel it’s safe to say. It is what it is and just like me, this kind of music is here to stay, so either get down or get out the way ’cause we coming baby!!!

HHM: What do you have to say to the people that want to hate on what you’re doing?

HG: I say hate on. I say thank you. I invite these people to continue their hate and to tag all their friends too. I say to them, please make sure to share the link to my YouTube page when they discuss this song or this man that they hate so much. Keep it comin’, I’m down. Haters are a type of fan too! If you ain’t got haters, you ain’t doing something right!

HHM: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

HG: ….OK…got one ..true story…I’m helping an elderly couple escape their home after a huge tornado ripped their house into pieces and when I got to the living room this little older man about 85 years old pops up from what was left of his kitchen and I yell “are you okay sir”? He looks me right in the face and says to me without hesitation “son, you’re trespassing on my property.” In the middle of disaster, I gave the world a true homegrown smile when that man said that to me. That man is country to the bone right there!!! Proud to say they were okay and he’s not mad at me anymore for trespassing ’cause we talked in my truck and all is well now between us…no beef there…lmao. Just an awesome couple who needed help and I’m proud to say we were able to help them.

HHM: What are your plans for the future? Anything new you are working on right now?

HG: Whew!!! What ain’t we working on? So much on the table right now. We just debuted www.keepithomegrown.com Me and Lloyd Templeton are about to release HERE TO STAY along with some new talent we been training. Wait till y’all see what I been working on for our live shows! It’s gonna change the game. Again might I add.. YeeYee baby!!!

HHM: HOMEGROWN Family Final thoughts?

HG: Always remember that words are free… Anybody can say anything at anytime. Actions speak volumes about who you are. Words mean nothing if you don’t follow through with actions. 1 action will always speak louder than 1 million words and please always remember to keep it homegrown!!!! YEE YEE!!!!

All photos provided by Homegrown Family


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