It’s a New Wave of Badassery in Music, Upchurch Defends Country Rap

Upchurch has a new album coming out! This will be his 7th release with 20 tracks coming this month. The new album CD is said to have everything that you could ask for, but really, this is Upchurch, how many of us could really as much more? He dropped multiple Hick Hop Albums, and then shocked the hell out of us with a straight Country Album! We personally can’t wait for this new one!

Upchurch has raised the bar on Hick Hop and Country Rap. Upchurch is one of the biggest supporters of the genre and he is striving for the best. He has paved the way for a lot of new artists to emerge and do their thing. Upchurch has built an even stronger following on what Colt Ford, Lenny Cooper, Jawga Boyz, The Lacs and numerous others started establishing.

County Rap is not very widely accepted yet even though there really are more artists than you realize in the industry. This is mostly because it doesn’t fit the frame of what people know. Upchurch said it best, “It’s to Country for Hip Hop and it’s to Hip Hop for Country.”

Hick Hop Music is a huge supporter of the new artists just trying to break out and get heard as well as the new players in the game trying to grow their following. Upchurch sums it up saying “Country Rap is a big ass bubble that gets bigger every day and it’s gonna pop eventually and when it pops, it’s gonna be taken serious, just like every other genre that was made fun of when it was starting as well.” We plan to be there when that happens!

So what is country rap? According to Upchurch, “It is what it sounds like. Its some dudes doing hip hop and rap that are from the country.” This couldn’t have been worded more perfectly. Critics will try to tear it apart because they don’t understand it. Even within the genre, sadly there are people that still try to tear others down instead of boosting them up.

“It’s a new wave of Badassery in music, you can’t deny that.There’s no denying there is a humongous fan base for it and if I gotta be the spokes person that gets on YouTube and talks about it all the time, I’ll do that because I know what’s gonna happen, statistics and numbers don’t lie, there will be a red carpet event for country rappers.” We think Upchurch has a hidden crystal ball somewhere that he needs to share with us! There is no doubt that this genre will blow up to something huge and it is looking like it is not too far out in the future.

Upchurch continued in his recent video to say “Dude even if I gotta strap this entire game to my back like a backpack and get it all the way there, I will die trying to do that because I know there are people that live this lifestyle, that this music actually speaks to them and helps them through hard times just like every other type of music.” We see this every day with the HickHopMusic.com fans and Facebook followers. Just because it may not be one person’s cup of tea doesn’t mean it isn’t another person’s perfect shot of whiskey.

Watch the full video here!

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