I4NI ‘Team Strong 2: The Outsiders’


One of the most under-rated groups in any genre of music is I4NI, and their new free mix tape, ‘Team Strong 2: The Outsiders’ (available on datpiff.com) is a prime example of why these guys should be mentioned in any list of top rap groups anywhere.

Not only would it be unfair to all the awesome artists that contribute to ‘Team Strong 2: The Outsiders‘ to designate it as Country Rap, it would be a mis-iagnoses of not only this mixtape, but the group in general.  I4NI is a rap group, independent of any genre and the won’t be pigeon-holed into any niche.  Main members David Ray, Stump, David Ray and Producer Jon Conner can stand on their own in any situation, but together they make a real life super group.

I’m not going to give you the play by play, because I think I4NI’s music can speak for itself.  It’s free, but even if it was a $12.00 album on iTunes, I’d still recommend you put down the scrip to get ‘Team Strong 2’.  Since it’s free, you truly have no real excuse.

Download Team Strong 2: The Outsiders from Datpiff


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