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I4NI “No Sleep”


Here’s a song from I4NI from the Team Strong 2 – The Outsiders mixtape.  It’s called “No Sleep” and it’s subject matter speaks to something near and dear to my heart; hard work.  I’m sure you know the guys that talk a big game, whether its on the job or in the club, but when the rubber meets the road, they are sleeping.  Not Jon Conner, Stump and David Ray.  They get No Sleep.

In the first verse, Stump relays that his “Papa told me not to stop until the world was ours” and to “Work until my back feet and hands hurt, with no sleep”.

Conner comes in next and explains that he’s “working too hard for my bread, you should be too but you party instead” and “They’re not around when its time to work and then wonder why we don’t fuck with them”

David Ray comes in and wraps “No Sleep” up with some wise words.  He says “You suckers keep shuckin and jivin’, chasin’ that pussy and buying them diamonds” and finalizes the sentiment stating that “my pedigree is in these streets, ain’t slowing down til I’m 6 feet under ground I get no sleep”

Let’s be honest, this song rings true with a lot of people, and not just in the music industry.  Instead of talking about how we’re going to take over the world, some of us are working hard to do it.  This isn’t just a great song from I4NI, its a life lesson that should be taken to heart.



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