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The EP from I4NI is a culmination of two decades worth of hard work.  David Ray and Stump have been making music together since 1996, and Producer Jon Conner not only does a superb job at putting it all together he also shines on the mic.  The addition of a label (Average Joe’s)

“Muscle Car Official Video” – More Below

Buy the new EP, ‘Muscle Car’ from I4NI on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon

From “Get Shit Done” (Featuring D. Thrash), “Saddle Em Up”, and “Come And Get Some”, this EP, ‘Muscle Car’, is for the blue-collar working man. Everybody involved with this EP are standing firm at the top of their game, planted firmly in the roots of their vast experience.  Their first label EP doesn’t find these guys changing their sound up to conform.  They do what got them where they are, great production, sound lyrics and perfect deliveries.   They all have, however, stepped up their game

David Ray has one of the most unique deliveries in the game.  He’s got a melodic delivery that’s quick as hell and right on point every time.  Matched up with Robbie Phillips, AKA Stump’s classic hip hop style delivery and Conner’s production, I4NI is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

“Muscle Car Official Video” – More Below

Buy the new EP, ‘Muscle Car’ from I4NI on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon

i4NI features a log of great feature artists on ‘Muscle Car’ as well:

  • D. Thrash joins the boys for “Get Shit Done”, a rocking song that features my favorite verse from David Ray on the album.
  • Part-Time group member Bubba Sparxxx appears on “Goodbye My Best Friend”a countrified rap that is the most introspective songs on the EP.
  • Colt Ford has a guest feature in  “My Kinda Right”, the most Pop-Country influenced track on the EP. This song should get play on every country radio station in the country.
  • “How We Roll” features a ensemble of some of the most potent rappers in the Country Rap game, including The Lacs, Moonshine Bandits, Bubba Sparxxx, Redneck Souljers, J Rosevelt, and Demun Jones

Every track on the ‘Muscle Car’ EP is hot.  There’s not a bad song on this thing. You can literally put this collection on repeat and listen to it over and over, without ever hitting the skip button even once.  With any good project, there definitely tracks on this one that will be more popular than others.  Here are a few that I think will be fan favorites

  • “How We Roll” is an awesome rock song with some great rappers joining I4NI for a tour de force songe that expands on the working man theme
  • “Come And Get Some” is a hard hitter;  David Ray quick on the draw in this western influenced track.    It’s D. Ray’s best verse among many great ones on the EP.
  • “Muscle Car” is straight classic hip hop, and its got my favorite backing track on the EP. I love those horns and it’s got a great hook. I love Conner’s verse on “Muscle Car”.
  • “Get Shit Done” featuring D. Thrash is another favorite. I love the theme of the song, and it’s got my favorite verse from Stump on ‘Muscle Car’ as well.

Stump and D Ray have come a long way since they started out in East Nashville 20 years ago.  They’ve joined forces with Jon Conner and Bubba Sparxxx and they’ve made a lot of great music.  Now with their label, Average Joe’s they take the next step in the evolution of the group.  ‘Muscle Car’ is a great EP and it’s a must buy for anybody that loves great music.

Buy the new EP, ‘Muscle Car’ from I4NI on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon

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