Hick Hop Inspired Pumpkin Carving Contest! WIN COPY OF FIELD PARTY

Fall is in the air and Halloween is just around the corner. We thought it would be fun to have a Hick Hop inspired pumpkin carving contest. You are competing for a chance to win a Hick Hop Music prize pack which will include a copy of the Brand New Mud Digger Field Party CD.

Be as CREATIVE as you want! Carve a face, carve a logo, a song lyric, whatever you want, but it must be Hick Hop related. Or Redneck related… we’ll take that.


  • Denim shorts, for Cypress Spring’s “Denim”
  • A muddy tire, for Lenny Cooper’s “Mud Digger”
  • A beer, for The Lacs, “Drink As A Team”

To enter, follow these simple steps 

  1. Find your pumpkin and carve it.
  2. Post your Hick Hop Pumpkin on your Facebook and/or instagram profile and tag the Hick Hop Music Page along with the artist that inspired the pumpkin. And last, Hashtag –> #FieldPartyPumpkin

We will chose a winner the morning of October 31st.

Get creative, Let it get weird… Happy Carving!

Pre-Order Mud Digger Field Party Vol 1 on all digital music outlets beginning October 18. Album out in November.

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