[HHM Exclusive] Southern Country Volume 6 Hosted By Twang & Round

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Download Southern Country Volume 6 Hosted By Twang & Round  (Downloads may not be available on some mobile devices)

Here’s the newest mixtape from the king of Country Rap Mixtapes, DJ Cannon Banyon, and the 6th incarnation of the world-famous Southern Country Mixtape is Hosted by Twang and Round. The long list of features on Southern Country Volume 6 include Camo Collins, Big Chuk, Stephen Lemmons, Big Jimmy Franklin Embry, Charlie Farley, Danny Duke, Ben Coondog Tice, Ryan Fleming, Blackford Creek, TONEz, Nu Breed, Hard Target, Apalachee Don, and Tom McClure.  This is a download it, put it on your mp3 player or burn a CD, press play and hit repeat.  You won’t find a larger collection of both veterans and upcoming stars than Country Volume 6.  Download it nowSouthern Country Vol 6 Album Cover

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