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Hard Target Full Throttle EP


Hard Target is putting together one of the most unique sounds in rap today.  These guys picked the perfect name for the group, because, they dodge labels like a shooting scene from a movie where the hero sees the bullets flying in slow motion and dodges them like its no chore.  When you try to label these guys, you’re trying to hit a hard target.

They just dropped their Full Throttle EP, and it is very good. You’ve seen the video for the title track “Full Throttle” and you’ve probably heard their remix for “Get Out My Yard“, but it’s finally time to hear the rest of the story.  And these guys are going all out; you know full throttle

I’ve written about these two songs before, but the other 3 were new me; Here’s what I think

“Wishing Well” is a reminiscing song about growing up in America with political undertones, that’s got a hot beat and a good hook.

“Sunday” has a heavy reggae influence, its type of song you listen to out on the water trolling around, or just sitting next to the river drinking a few

“Moonshine” should be on every rap station in the country right now, and should be on everybody’s playlist this summer on their way to the club,  I know I’ll be saying “Sippin’ moonshine, sippin sippin moonshine” for days, even when I’m nowhere near my music player

Based on what I’d heard from Hard Target’s previous releases of  the “Get Out My Yard” and “Full Throttle”, I knew that The Full Throttle EP was going to be good. After hearing the EP, I think Hard Target should be mentioned when anybody talks about the best Country Rap groups making music right now.

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