FJ Outlaw – Headed Back (Official Music Video) [HHM Exclusive]


Here’s a new video from FJ Outlaw about Country Life.  This guy has a unique look and sound, and it is a really good song, in my opinion. FJ Outlaw has a great flow on “Headed Back” and a he song has  great hook.

What I like about FJ Outlaw is that he’s blazing his own path. “Headed Back” isn’t what I’d consider “mainstream” country rap (if there is such a thing. It’s solid country gold lyrics about the real struggle, the yearning for more, and a little bit of optimism about the future.  This is the kind of real talk that can take Country Rap to the next level, and I’m happy that FJ is doing it. His last single “Moonlight Showdown” was more of a drinking song, which has its place, but the emotion in “Headed Back” seems real, and that’s what country music (whether traditional or rap) is supposed to be.

The video from “Headed Back” was produced by Triple Threat Productions, and we’ve seen a whole bunch of great visuals from them in the last few months.  These guys definitely deserve to be considered among the top video production companies doing Country Rap right now.

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