Big Smo, Colt Ford, Charlie Farley, Moonshine Bandits and So Many More Share their Easter Memories

Easter, the Day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also what feels like the official start of Spring and yet another time we stuff our faces with more candy than we ever need to. We caught up with several artists to talk this or that, in regards to the holiday and here is how they answered. And make sure you read all the way to bottom for their favorite holiday memories.

PS – In the front row of the cover photo, see if you can spot Paul Roche from Cypress Spring.

1. Cadbury Eggs or Reese Eggs?

Mike Bama – Reeses
Colt Ford – Reeses, No Doubt!
Big Smo – Reeses, all day, every day
Cypress Spring (Kalan Miller) – Reeses
Cypress Spring – (Paul Roche) – Cadbury
Cypress Spring (Tyler Ackerman)  – Reeses
Cannon Banyon – Reese eggs
Camo Collins – Cadbury, Bock Bock
Moonshine Bandits (Tex) – Hard Boiled Eggs
Brett Myers – Reeses
Big Murph – Reeses
Franklin Embry – Reeses
Charlie Farley – Reese
Shotgun Shane – I love Reese eggs
Tommy Chayne – Reese for sure
FJ Outlaw – Reeses
Taylor ‘T Woods’ – Reese Eggs for sure

2. Do you eat the ears of the bunny or the butt first?

Mike Bama – Ears
Colt Ford – Always start at the butt
Big Smo – I’m an ass man, butt first always
Cypress Spring – Kalan Miller -It’s 2018 and all the kids are doing it. So imma go with the butt
Cypress Spring – Paul Roche – The butt got to go first
Cypress Spring – Tyler Ackerman  The butt for sure
Cannon Banyon – Ears
Camo Collins– I eat the butt first, but only if I really know the bunny.
Moonshine Bandits (Tex) – Eat the butt
Brett Myers  – Ears
Big Murph – Ears
Franklin Embry – Ears
Charlie Farley – Neither 
Shotgun Shane – I start with the ears
Tommy Chayne – Kevin Gates
FJ Outlaw – I eat the booty, then go for the head
Taylor ‘T Woods’ – Neither, the backstrap

3. Sunrise church service, Morning service, no service at all?

Mike Bama – Morning, 9am-ish
Colt Ford – I have always done sunrise service. It’s a special time. It has been tough being on the road with my career and missing that.
Big Smo – Morning service with my mother and kids
Cypress Spring – Kalan Miller – Morning Service
Cypress Spring – Paul Roche – No Service
Cypress Spring – Tyler Ackerman – No Service
Cannon Banyon – No service
Camo Collins – Sunrise Service. Then evening service too. 🙏🏻
Moonshine Bandits (Tex) – Channel 12 Service
Brett Myers – Morning
Big Murph – No service at all because I live in the boonies
Franklin Embry  – Morning Service
Charlie Farley – Some years morning service, some years no service
Shotgun Shane – Sunrise Service
Tommy Chayne – Regular morning service
FJ Outlaw – No Service at all
Taylor ‘T Woods’ – Sunrise Service with Grandma

4. Do you prefer.. Easter Egg Hunts or hunting for your basket?

Mike Bama – Egg Hunt
Colt Ford – Egg Hunt
Big Smo – Egg hunter by blood, basket snatcher by choice
Cypress Spring – Kalan Miller – Most definitely eggs
Cypress Spring – Paul Roche – Egg hunts
Cypress Spring – Tyler Ackerman – Egg hunts
Cannon Banyon – Egg hunts
Camo Collins – Hunt for my basket. (Shouldn’t have went with a camouflage one)
Moonshine Bandits (Tex) – Whichever has the most candy or money
Brett Myers – Egg hunts
Big Murph – Egg hunts
Franklin Embry – Egg hunts
Charlie Farley  – Egg hunts
Shotgun Shane – Now that I am a father I love taking the kids to Easter egg hunts
Tommy Chayne – I hide them these days for the youngins
FJ Outlaw – I was more trying to find a way to eat, period. We didn’t have much money for eggs and baskets
Taylor ‘T Woods‘ – Easter Egg hunts with my 5 year old nephew Owen

5. Tell us one easter tradition or memory you have from childhood.

Mike Bama – Butterfinger Cake at Granny’s
Colt Ford – Honestly, it was really sunrise service
Big Smo –  I never did hunt for the golden egg because I knew it only had $5 in it, but if I could get all the little eggs that were full of quarters, I could have 20 bucks. So, I always went for the little eggs and came out on top.
Cypress Spring – Kalan Miller – Every Easter Sunday we do church service, hunt eggs, then have Easter lunch at grannies.
Cypress Spring – Paul Roche – Easter Sunday is my family reunion. So when I was younger, all the men would get up early Easter morning, hook to their bass boats and hit the river and fish until lunch time. All the women would prepare all kinds of food. We would eat and have a great fellowship right on the river bank, followed by hiding eggs and letting the little ones find them.
Cypress Spring – Tyler Ackerman –  Now that I have a kid we do the whole Easter egg hunt, Easter bunny thing, and we’ve always had Easter dinner.
Cannon Banyon – Playing kickball with my second family
Camo Collins – Finding “prize eggs” that prepared you for real life. So instead of always finding money or candy as prizes, some eggs would have acorns, sawdust, sandspurs, etc.
Moonshine Bandits (Tex) – Hunting for plastic colored eggs that have a couple quarters in them and a few nickles
Brett Myers –  I threw up one time eating chocolate bunnies, I’ll never eat another one, I can tell u that
Big Murph –  Going to my Gang-Gang’s (which is my dad’s dad) and eating food, hanging with my family, playing a family basketball game and Easter egg hunting where everyone wants to find the prize egg that had money in it.
Franklin Embry  – Don’t really have any traditions
Charlie Farley – We generally always go to my Granny Murl’s for Easter. Have almost every year for as long as I can remember. Granny’s house is special. She’s the lovely lady in my, “Where I’m From” video and her house is the house I am talking about toward the end of the song. Ain’t nothing like family traditions.
Shotgun Shane – We always go to Mamaw’s and the family gets together, we eat a home cooked meal, round up all the kids and Easter egg hunt. We put out a few eggs with money in them and a grand prize egg.
Tommy Chayne – Always waking up to my basket in the morning. It was like second Christmas. Had the best parents ever.
FJ Outlaw – Well grandpa used to get real drunk and woop us every Easter afternoon, so we put seroquel in his whiskey and when he passed out we would draw big peckers on his face. Y’all have a happy Easter!
Taylor ‘T Woods’ – Easter is the first day we all get to jump in the pool with it being, “okay” with Grandma

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