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Don’t be misled by all the top name features Georgia rapper Demun Jones managed to pull in on his new album, ‘#Beast’. Sure, Big Smo, Colt Ford, The Lacs, Charlie Farley, Danny Boone, Jelly Roll, Alexander King, Cypress Spring and Noah Gordon is an impressive list of artists that would make pretty much anybody in the business jealous. There is, however, no doubt that the star of the show on #Beast is Demun Jones

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Demun has the ability to use country vernacular in his lyrics than anybody. He lives the life he references in his songs. Even if it’s not him directly, there’s the personal influence that drives every song. “I tried to focus on music that was for people I grew up around,” he said. That authenticity of content has led to a near cult-like following of the Jones County, Georgia rapper.

On #Beast, Demun Jones’ reputation for hard work is evident. He gets his work ethic honest. He talks about laying foundations during triple-digit weather during Central Georgia summers in “Cracker Life”, a song that strikes back at anonymous commenters on social media who doubt his country bonafides.

On the album, Demun Jones’ technicals are superb. His flow is on point throughout, and the lyrics are emotional and authentic. There’s a reason Jones is one of the more popular artists in the industry, and #Beast will likely only enhance the adoration of his fans.

Of course the features Jones pulls in to help on #Beast are remarkable, and every single one leaves their own mark on the album

Noah Gordon, a Nashville Songwriter and singer sings a haunting chorus on “Backyard Lullabye” an introspective song about needing space, and Jones outdoor sanctuary during trying times. The most mainstream Country track on the project, Gordon’s voice fits the song and Demun Jones’ lyrics like a glove

“Five Points Road” sees label-mates Cypress Spring coming in to help Jones reminisce about growing up in the country, and the Florida duo holds their own with the top billing names that join Jones on #Beast.

Fellow Rehab member Danny Boone teams up with The Lacs and Demun Jones on “Give ‘Em Hell” a bass-heavy track with a horn-infused sound, with a surprisingly melodic ending riff by Boone.

Demun Jones Beast

Buy Demun Jones #Beast on Amazon, Google Play or iTunes

Demun Jones enlisted friend Alexander King to team up for “Highway In My Blood”, one of the more Rock-centric songs on #Beast.

The first track on the project is “Truck Music” a heavy hitting song featuring label-mate Charlie Farley, and both artists spit some speed on this one. “Truck Music” has an infectious chant, a great baking truck, and Farley was made for this type of song, as was Jones.

The album release accompanying single is “Bronco” featuring Jelly Roll, and this song was made for the club. Jones says; “Bronco is a club worthy, fun song that will definitely get a crowd up and dancing,” I have no doubt this one will be a club favorite for a long time

In my opinion the award for ‘funnest song’ on ‘#Beast is “Suge White” featuring the king of Country Rap himself, Colt Ford. Both of these guys bring out the braggadocio for “Suge White” (the name’s a play off of Death Row Records’ former CEO Suge White. This track is all about running things and there are some memorable lyrics in this one, including Ford’s “, I Snoop Dogg ‘em like Boss Hogg,wasn’t for me there’d be none of y’all”. “Suge White” is one of those songs that could transcend Country Rap.

My favorite song on the album might just be “The Pit” Featuring Big Smo. The perfect song for mud bogs and dirt roads, Jones says of teaming up with Smo; “Big Smo took this song to the next level. He and I completely relate to life around the mud pit and no one else couldn’t have done this song justice, “ Together on “The Pit”, these guys make one of the best hype-me-up songs I’ve heard a long time.

As I mentioned earlier, these features, no doubt, leave their mark on #Beast, but even with those A-list names, there’s no confusion about who’s album this is. Demun brings it on every track on #Beast, and the result is phenomenal

One surprising song on the album for me was “So Wonderful” an ode to the love of his life. His family is his life, and it’s indisputable after one listen to “So Wonderful”. About Jones’ family, he says, “They’re my most favorite thing in my life. I love coming home to my family and I wanted to express that feeling with a song.”

The album was produced by DJ KO and Jared Scuillo of Phivestarr Productions,, and as usual their work was flawless. They have a gift of being able to pick out the perfect sound for the writers lyrics and they help make every song on #Beast hit-worthy

Whoever made the decision to name Demun Jones’ latest album #Beast made an apt observation of the project. This album is just that, a beast.

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