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Cypress Spring ‘Denim’

When Cypress Spring burst on the scene with “Way Of Life” featuring Danny Boone and The Lacs, I knew this Florida trio was going to be a force in Country Rap. Signed to Average Joe’s Entertainment, Cypress Spring has released a few more singles and an EP Way of Life, and now their début full length album Denim, is available for purchase on all major digital outlets.

While Denim doesn’t sound like your typical Freshman album, there’s still that fresh sound that I think will resonate with Country Rap fans everywhere, and may just bring new people to the genre.

On Denim, you’ll hear songs you’ve likely heard before, including “Drop A Tailgate” and “Way Of Life” and “Run Through It”(personally my favorite song on the album), already some of the most popular songs in the industry today. The rest of the album doesn’t sound like it was just put together to fill an album, however.

Buy Cypress Spring’s Denim on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon

There’s a lot of new songs (and a couple of reworkings of previously released songs) that show me that Cypress Spring isn’t a flash in the pan. These are a couple of the most talented artists in the industry, and I think Denim is a great start to what could be a phenomenal career.

The lead off track “Country Boy Swag” is a classic Country Rap song and a great way to start off Denim. “Country Boy Swag” is a great primer for the rest of the album. It’s got a great chorus, some really good lyrics, and the delivery is perfect. Mud Parks need to get ahold of this one, fans everywhere will love it..

“Drop A Tailgate” got a little reworking with a feature from the King of Country Rap, Colt Ford. This is one of my favorite Cypress Spring songs, and the Colt Ford feature just makes me like it more. This is a great song for a pre-game party, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear it at any Super Bowl party that is being hosted by a fan of Country Rap.

Buy Cypress Spring’s Denim on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon

The title track, “Denim” is a laid back ode to country girls wearing blue-jean shorts. It’s got a really catchy chorus

Got some Moonshine In A mason jar
Got a bad girl lookin’ like a movie star
Daisy Dukes and outlaw women
It’ would be a damned shame if they outlawed denim

“She Get’s Rowdy” is a more upbeat song with a great backing track and some of the fastest rapping on Denim. This is a bass-bumper and it’s made for the party, and I’m sure it will be a fan favorite at live shows.

Kalan and Paul team up with Charlie Farley for the truck anthem “How We Ride”. Made for dirt road driving, “How We Ride” is a little bit nostalgic, and you can never go wrong putting Charlie Farley on the track. They sound great together, and I hope they do more collaborations in the future

As the title suggests, “Country Girl Twerk” is a dance-oriented song that will get all the dimes up and on the floor at juke joints all over the country when DJs put it on. It’s a country rap song, that’s for sure, but I think “Country Girl Twerk” has cross-over appeal, and I think it’s one of those songs that could bring new fans to both the group and the genre.

One of my favorite songs on the Denim album is “Bump In Her Truck” a song about a girl who likes Country Rap and pushing her truck through the mud. Yep, sounds like the perfect woman to me, and I’d like to meet the dime who inspired the track. This is another song with cross-over appeal, and I think female fans of the genre will really dig this one.

Buy Cypress Spring’s Denim on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon

Since I heard the first track from Cypress Spring, I knew the Florida trio had a bright career ahead of them. Before they even released their first album, they had already established themselves in the upper echelon of the genre. They’ve got as much talent as you’ll find in Country Rap, and their live show is a lot more mature than you’d think for a relatively young pair of artists.

Anybody who’s a fan of Country Rap is most likely already familiar with Cypress Spring. They’ve already got millions of views on Youtube, and they’re steadily building the type of fan base that will continue to grow as the put out more music. With Denim, their début album, they’ve put together a collection of music that I think will be remembered as one of the better albums of 2017. Denim is better than good, and if you like Country Rap, this album is definitely one you need to add to your playlist.

Buy Cypress Spring’s Denim on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon

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