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You can’t talk about Hick Hop without mentioning Cowboy Troy’s name.  He is, perhaps, the most innovative Hick Hop artist in the genre. Though he may not have been the very first rapper to infuse some country into his rhymes, he’s definitely a trail blazer in the industry. He’s a member of Big & Rich’s Muzik Mafia, but with the new album, Saloons On Neptune, he proves once again he can stand on his own.

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Cowboy Troy has a reach that is really like no other artist in the industry.  He can  share the stage with names like Big & Rich and Laura Bell Bundy, and then book features for Saloons On Neptune with Nick Cannon and Mariel Jacoda. While a lot of industry guys say they want to take it to the next level, Cowboy Troy has been cruising in that lane for years.

His new album, Saloons On Neptune, is a smorgasbord of music.  It’s got some rock, some country, some hip hop and pop.  It’s not your normal Country Rap album; there’s no mention of jacked up trucks, Dirt Roads or any of that.   Neptune is the kind of album only Cowboy Troy could pull off.  He’s able to straddle the fast lane of pop and hip hop while remaining solidly in the mainstream country realm.  Country Music has diverged into a pop filled visually powered music lately.  When Luke Bryan peels himself out of his skinny jeans and gets the blood-flow moving properly again, he needs to sit and listen to Saloons On Neptune.  Cowboy Troy shows us how the mixture of all different kinds of music is supposed to sound.  With Troy its not forced.  It’s authentic.  He’s not pretending to be something he’s not.

Here are some of my favorite track from Saloons On Neptune

I wrote a small review for the track “Countdown To Vacation“, which is the kind of song you’d expect to hear from Zac Brown if he did a Country Rap song. It’s lake music, and its a memorable song that will have you singing along by the 3rd chorus run.  This has quickly become my favorite Cowboy Troy Song of all time.  In my opinion “Countdown To Vacation” a hit.

Buy ‘Saloons On Neptune’ from Cowboy Troy on iTunes, Amazon or google play

“Liquor With The Locals” is a fun track that’s got the urban beat, some cool strings and great horns, something you don’t hear a lot of  in Country Rap.  For “Liquor With The Locals”, it works great.

Laura Bell Bundy joins Troy for “Take A Shot” a rambunctious song that has the potential for serious radio airplay on Country Radio, the Holy Grail of Hick Hop.

“Party Train” features Nick Cannon and Mariel Jacoda, and it’s the most pop-centric song on the album, backed with club beats and a a party vibe.  It’s the kind of song that could extend the reach of Country Rap.  It could play in any club anywhere

All the songs on Saloons On Neptune are solid, and there’s no doubt this album was built for the club and live performances.  Cowboy Troy has a style all his on; nobody does music like he does.  He’s not a truck in the mud Country Rapper, he’s more nuanced than that.  He’s able to work with other stars in the music industry even someone like Colt Ford can’t reach.  He’s an ambassador for Country Rap.  With his new album, Saloons On Neptune, I can’t think of anyone better to help extend the reach of the music.

cowboy troy saloons on neptune cover

Buy ‘Saloons On Neptune’ from Cowboy Troy on iTunes, Amazon or google play

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