Country Rap Takes Over Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia had a Redneck Invasion this past  weekend, complete with 2 separate shows and no less than 8 Country Rap sets.


Mike Bama, Porch Matthews, Teacher Preacher, Bama Boys and BoonDock Kingz lit up Dirt Class Friday Night at Dirt Class in one of the coolest settings you can think of for a live show. I had to be up early Saturday Morning so I had to leave before Teacher Preacher, Bama Boys and BoonDock Kingz took the stage.  I hate that I missed those guys perform, but I did get to catch Mike Bama and Porch Matthews, and both put on a great show. I also picked up a copy of the new Bama Boys album, so expect the HHM review in the next couple of days.  I really wish I could have stayed for the rest of the performances, and almost did, but I had to be up early the next morning and it was after midnight when I realized what time it was, so I had to head home.

I’d never seen Mike Bama perform before, and I was impressed with the show he put on.  He kept the audience involved and he showed me why he’s booking so many shows lately.  If Mike Bama keeps it up, he can go far in this industry. I got to meet him for the first time and he is a really good guy.

Porch Matthews is going to be HUGE when he releases his album on D. Thrash Productions.  He’s got a delivery that oozes southern drawl and he’s got the chops to really do things in the game.  He was joined on stage by his longtime collaborators Longneck and White Lightning and it was a really good performance.

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I also got to meet one of the men behind Super Turnip Green Pepper Sauce, Drew Folsom. They’re helping to sponsor Hick Hop Music Magazine, and they’ve got a great pepper sauce which has already been used at my house. Bama Boys have a special edition Pepper Sauce as well, and you can buy them at their shows or on

Saturday Night was another steamy night in Hotlanta, and Apalachee Don, Them Riverbank Boys and Ryan Upchurch rocked the house at the Masquerade.

It had been nearly 20 years since I had been to the Masquerade and it was a good place to see a show, though I do think they needed more than one bartender in the place (there was literally a line from the time I arrived until I left)

Apalachee Don opened the show with another great performance.  I’ve seen Don perform live at a number of places now, and I can say he’s building a great show. I’ve seen a lot of improvement from his first show , and the crowd absolutely ate him up. Nobody is doing what Apalachee Don is doing, he’s got a style all his own.  He is, in my opinion, the most underrated artist in the music industry.  Most of the people at the Masquerade were there to see Upchurch, but the crowd ate Don up, and I be he made a ton of new fans Saturday Night

Them Riverbank Boys were up next and they kept the party going with a lot of great songs and a good performance.  I’ve met Lakeside Lee and Riverbank Rick before, and they’re a couple of awesome country boys trying to make it in a tough industry.  They definitely have the skills to excel, and with D. Thrash helping mold their career, I have a feeling these guys are going to blow-up before long

Upchurch closed out the show, and I was really impressed with his performance. I’ve rarely seen an artist interact with a crowd like he did Saturday night, and I bet everybody that went to the show will take home a personal memory of the performance. He grabbed a lot of phones and gave the owner a thrill with a personal recording of Upchurch up-close and personal.  He could have got up on stage, done his songs and then left the stage, got in his bus and floored it back to Tennessee. But he came out to a line of fans that had to be 90% of the people that attended the show and sat there and talked to each one of them, took multiple pictures.  In my book, that’s a class act.

All the artists I saw this weekend seem to have figured out that the fans are the reason they’re able to do what they do.  They all spent time with people that came to their show, and that’s one of the reasons I think Country Rap is blowing up like it is.

Mike Bama’s cousin brought his family to the show Friday Night to see their relative play all  the way from Alabama.  When I saw him again on Saturday, I asked him if he had stayed in Atlanta overnight. He said no, he drove home Friday Night, worked on Saturday, and then drove all the way back on Saturday night to see that show.  That’s the kind of dedication that Country Rap fans have, and why I think there’s no better genre to be involved with right now.


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