Christmas Memories with Upchurch

Hick Hop Music had a chance to talk Christmas with Upchurch. We learned something interesting he always found in his stocking on that magical morning, his most memorable present growing up and more!

HHM: What is one Christmas tradition you have?
Upchurch: The only family tradition my family and i really have, if you would call it a tradition, is all being together under the same roof for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Our Christmas isn’t so much about materialistic things, but more so noticing that family is the best present in the world and we’re glad for every minute we get to spend with each other while we are here.

HHM: Think back to your childhood, it’s Christmas morning, who’s up first?
Upchurch: Me! I would never sleep. I was always setting up boobie traps to catch Santa Clause!

HHM: What is one toy you can remember receiving that made your whole life?
Upchurch: I got a pellet gun one year and I’ll never forget it because me and my cousins all got one and we shot a lot of my Grandfathers chickens. We got into a lot of trouble!

HHM: Christmas Tree … Do you support Real or Fake?
Upchurch: Honestly, I do fake trees so i can re-use it every year lol I wanna have the tree I used for all my Christmas’ for my kids to have as well.

HHM: Favorite traditional Christmas song?
Upchurch: That classic Ol’ Jingle Bells!

HHM: What is your favorite Christmas treat?
Upchurch: The brownies that the kids aren’t allowed to eat (insert crying laughing emoji here! lol)

HHM: Let’s talk stockings! What was one thing, you always knew would be in your stocking Christmas morning?
Upchurch: An Orange! My family is old school.
***Check out this fun article about the history of an orange in the stocking! – of course the history differs depending on who you ask though! http://www.countryliving.com/life/a40920/oranges-in-christmas-stockings-history/ ***

HHM: How would you explain your wrapping skills?
Upchurch: Always Improving!

HHM: Are you a last minute shopper or to you plan all your gifts?
Upchurch: I plan my gifts out for family members i like and last minute for the ones that should get coal lol

HHM: What is your favorite holiday album by a group or artist?
Upchurch: I love anything Alan Jackson does with Christmas Music

HHM: It’s Christmas Eve, where would we find you?
Upchurch: At my house getting fat off homemade hot chocolate, watching Charlie Brown and The Christmas Story

HHM: What is your favorite part of Christmas?
Upchurch: My favorite part of Christmas is getting to spend it with the people i love and cherish the most!

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