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Charlie Farley ‘This One’s For Y’all’


Every time I think I’ve heard the best music from Charlie Farley, he comes back with even better music.  ‘This One’s For Y’all’ is an ode to his fans.  And Farley teamed up with Country Rap’s Mixtape King DJ Cannon Banyon to do a beat heavy mixtape that has songs that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear in a hip hop club, and others that are pure country fire.

Download the Free ‘This One’s For Y’all’ mixtape from Charlie Farley at

Charlie Farley seems to live in the studio, and he’s always striving to improve his game, but this one isn’t for his check book or his ego.  This one’s for the men and women working hard to make enough money to feed their family and scrounge around enough to come up with enough money to buy his album.  Here’s what Farley has to say on his Facebook page about ‘This One’s For Y’all’

I do mixtapes to give back to those who support what it is that I do. Yall spend alot of hard earned money on me so in return I like to give back and this my way of doing so.

Farley expects to release his new album next year, but like all his fans, I’m so glad he gave us something to chew on until it’s out.  You can download ‘This One’s For Y’all’ on his website,

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