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Cap Bailey ‘Summertime Sunset’ EP


Cap Bailey came to the attention of the country rap community in Spring of 2014, and since then we’ve been waiting to hear some extended play from this Hot Springs, Arkansas artist.  Well Friday’s the day, and his debut EP Summertime Sunset was worth the wait.

Signed to Average Joe’s, I knew that Summertime Sunset was going to be a really good set.  “Dip N Brews” was straight fire, and I haven’t heard a song from Cap Bailey yet that wasn’t top level Country Rap to the core.


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The New EP does not disappoint; it’s a collection of music that will take Bailey to the next level: Summertime Sunset proves to me that Bailey has the chops and the backing to become one of the most popular artists doing Country Rap, and it all really begins with Summertime Sunset.

Cap Bailey only has one feature on his debut, and he pulls Demun Jones in for “I Do This” an upbeat track that features Jones putting out great rhymes to a  sic beat with a bit of a bluesy feel infused.  In “Do This” Bailey lays down, in my opinion, the best rap verses I’ve heard to date from him, and that’s saying a lot.  Without a whole lot of features, Bailey has to stand alone.  He comes off like a boss.

“Owlz Out” is another bangin’ song that has one of the most original backing tracks I’ve ever heard.  I’m not sure who produced “Owlz Out” (sounds like Phivesarr to me, but I can’t be sure), but they outdid themselves on this one.  Somehow they managed to incorporate an owl’s hoot into the music, and it fits the track like a glove.  Baileys rapping is speedy but totally legible, no small act at that speed.  This one may be tailor made for the for the club, but it makes me want to go turkey hunting.


Buy Summertime Sunset on iTunes or Google Music.

These two songs are part of a 6 song EP that includes fan favorites like “Dip N Brews” and “Say My Name“, a couple of songs fans of Bailey’s have no doubt heard.  There isn’t an average song on “Summertime Sunset”, and you can put this on and listen to it start to finish over and over catching more and more every time.  Bailey sounds good rapping at mach speed, and then slows it down for “Say My Name” and is flawless either way.  This guy can rap to anything, even an owl hooting.

If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you know I’m big on the flow of a song.  It doesn’t matter how good the lyrics are, if your flow is off, the song just doesn’t work.  on Summertime Sunset, Cap Bailey’s flow is flawless on each and every track.  Pair that with some great lyrics,  and some badass production, and you’ve got yourself a hit.  I think this could be big.

I’ve liked Cap Bailey’s music, since I first heard him last year.  After hearing ‘Summertime Sunset’, he’s become one of my favorite country rappers.  If you buy this one, I think you’ll feel the same way.

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