Bryan Jenkins “Day Dreaming” Featuring Quon Pace


Everyday, I hear new music and most of it ain’t great.  But I love when I hear something that’s different, but good.  That’s just what “Day Dreaming” by Bryan Jenkins featuring Quan Pace is; different, and good.

“Day Dreaming” featured Jenkins singing a melodic tune that matches the great mix perfectly.  Bryan Jenkins has a unique voice, and during the chorus it’s laid back and absorbing.  His verses sound reminiscent of  old-school Everlast , and he carries both off with style.

Quon Pace comes in the last verse and lays it down tight.


I’m talkin’ deep south, Arkansas, Louisiana, gold teeth

collard-greens, neck-bone cornbread how we eat

On that liquor till’ the sun come up

But don’t test a country boy we ain’t scared to run-up

Redneck C.E.O, who hosts the Friday Evening Show on Hick Hop Radio, was at the video shoot, and he said these guys are legit.  I talked to the song’s producer, Chuck Jones with 367 Studios and he’s been doing this for a while.  The experience shows, the track is unique and flawless.  Outlaw Video did a solid job, and “Day Dreaming” featuring quon Pace is a solid debut for the Arkansas native Bryan Jenkins

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