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Bryan Jenkins “Beer And Back Roads” featuring Brittany Jenkins


You may remember Bryan Jenkins from his collaboration with Quon Pace on “Day Dreaming”, and now he’s back with another collaboration; his daughter.

I really like Bryan Jenkins’ vibe. It’s laid back and a different.  He can build a brand around his sound, and if “Beer And Back Roads” is any indication, he’s doing just that.  It’s country with a hip-hop beat, and though it’s popular right now, Bryan Jenkins’ voice is built for the sound.

“Beer And Back Roads” is an introspective song, the kind of song you put on when you have a lot to think on. Jenkins’ unique delivery on this single helps you slow down, chill out, and think about things.  I wouldn’t necessarily consider what Bryan Jenkins does as Hick Hop, but it’s a close cousin, and his vibe is taylor maid for collaborations with rappers of any genre.

The biggest surprise I heard when I put on Bryan Jenkins’ “Beer And Back Roads” was the debut of his daughter  Brittany, who sang back-up on the song and then steps up and lays down a rap for the last verse.  She’s green, but I hear a lot of potential in the verse.  I know she’s starting to work on putting something together musically, and I can’t wait to hear what she puts out there. Best believe if she works hard and plays her cards right, she has the potential to bring us something more rare than the Mountain Pygmy Possum; A good female country rapper.

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