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Bottleneck ‘Keep ‘Em Spinnin’

The first time I saw Bottleneck was in the Hick Hop classic video “Ridin’ High”, and I knew immediately Bottleneck was a star.  He’s got an explainable energy that when mixed with that unique Bottleneck sound that’s aggressive, authentic, and lyrically solid country gold.

Bottleneck didn’t go in the studio on Keep ‘Em Spinnin to recreate the wheel.  He’s got a formula to success with thousands of country boys and girls, young and old hanging on every verse, every hook and every song.  None of that changes on  Keep ‘Em Spinnin.  In Fact, I think he’s got some of the best songs I’ve heard from the Florida rapper.

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There’s plenty of tracks on the album that will get your blood pumping and perhaps you might find your foot getting heavy if you’re driving.  You’ve probably heard “Party Down South” featuring Demun Jones before, but that’s just beginning.  “Poor White Trash” will get you pumped up and ready to do anything.  

Anybody who’s head Bottleneck before knows he’s unbelievable at getting the party songs right, but there’s more to the guy than just a good time.  On Keep ‘Em spinnin, we also hear a lot of introspective songs that give us a little bigger window into the mind of an artist.  “Where I Been” is probably the best example on the album.  Bottleneck’s friends The Lacs join him on “Where I Been” and it’s another one of those track that will end up permanently in your playlist.

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on iTunes, google play, or Amazon

The thing I think I like the most about Bottleneck’s music in general, and Keep ‘Em Spinnin in particular is that I believe every word coming out of his mouth.  He may do a little preaching, but maybe we need a little more of that.  Sure he’s country as hell, but I’m sure we need a lot more of that.  I’ve got a feeling that people know where they stand with Bottleneck. He doesn’t mince word and he says what he feels on Keep ‘Em Spinnin

One of my favorite songs on the album has to be the lead-off track “Angel”.  A unique take on the Shaggy Classic, love songs are rarer than a 3 bearded turkey, but “Angel” is a great song that I think could be a hit on mainstream radio.

Ryan Upchurch teamed up with Bottleneck for 2 songs, including“Crazy Train”, which I think may be the most popular song on the album before it’s over.  These guys have done a couple of songs together and I hope it’s a continuing thing. There’s guys have great chemistry on a track.

“Country Round Here” puts D. Thrash and Bottleneck together for another great song.  The track on “Country Round Here”  sounds like a D. Thrash Produced vehicle and it’s got those epic sounds that’ matches up perfectly with what they’re doing on this song.

Bottleneck has earned his spot in the upper echelon of Country Rappers doing music right now, and it’s not just luck. Keep ‘Em Spinnin is an album that shows hard work went into the project.  Nothing is out of place, all the hooks sound good, the production is professional grade.   But let’s face it, it’d likely be just as good an album if those things weren’t true.  The star is never the track when Bottleneck’s on there.

Whether you’re a long time fan of Bottleneck or have never heard of him until now, you’re going to love Keep ‘Em Spinnin.  It’s got a song for everybody, and it’s the best album Bottleneck has made yet.  This is a must buy in my book.

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